Feb. 11, 2022

Cogitate on these Music Links No. 1

Cogitate on these Music Links No. 1

I love a good series. If I could serialize everything in my life, I probably would. I also like ‘link posts’ or ‘link dumps’. This style of blog post is very popular by internet people. Link posts are posts where the writer simply shares a bunch of interesting links that they’ve curated from around the internet and want to share. Each of the links is usually accompanied by a brief description or response to the linked post’s content. Many people also share this in the form of a newsletter. I love newsletters and have one for this podcast, but I think that this style of post is better suited for this blog so here we are. 

I don’t have a schedule quite yet, but you can expect to get one of these posts regularly. I’m thinking either once or twice a month. With that introduction, let’s move on to this week’s links. 

The sharps and flats of the music business - Los Angeles Times

  • This is from several years ago, but I think it does a great job of encapsulating the reality that many musicians face while trying to make a living from their art. 

What are user-centric music streaming payouts? Start here...

  • Streaming is always on the brain for me. This is a good overview of the different revenue models we see in streaming. 


I love this tweet about how artists much artist are paid per stream. This takes into account the pro rota model which many streaming services use. 

That's all for the first installment of Cogitate on these Music Links!