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July 5, 2022

Neil McKinlay - Betryal, Recovery, and Meditation

Neil McKinlay - Betryal, Recovery, and Meditation

On this episode, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discussed with Neil McKinlay about betrayal, recovery and meditation. 👏

Neil McKinlay is a teacher of embodied meditation. Neil is also in recovery from a long relationship with a dysfunctional spiritual mentor. Approaching meditation in a more personal way than ever before, Neil is beginning to see that this practice has much to offer his journey of recovery. Not only this, he is starting to understand that meditation has much more to offer his life than he’d previously imagined. All of which has strengthened his inspiration to share his work - share a ground-level, in our lives, personally empowered approach to meditation - and share his story with others.

Host: Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI

Recording Location:

More Than Therapy

201 W Main Street 

Suite 316

Durham, NC 27701


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