Jan. 31, 2023

Healing Abusive Brain Chatter with Jacquie Elliott

Healing Abusive Brain Chatter with Jacquie Elliott
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On this episode of More Than Therapy, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI, interviews Jacquie, who states:

"What if I told you that you may be living with an emotional abuser and that it might be you? Abusive Brain Chatter is that voice in your head that acts as a bully to keep you from taking risks or becoming who you were meant to be. We'll learn the ABCs of Abusive Brain Chatter from our guest, who is a life coach and writing a book on the subject."


  1. Remember your ABCs Aware: Be aware of what the voice inside of you is saying and know the signs of emotional abuse. 
  2. Believe that inside of you is a kinder, loving voice that you must find. 
  3. Challenge your core beliefs because that is where your Abusive Brain Chatter gets its ammunition.

Social Media:

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  • www.facebook.com/coachjacquieelliottclc  
  • www.healingabc.com  
  • www.instagram.com/jacquieelliottclc

NAME: Healing Abusive Brain Chatter, How She Left Her Emotional Abuser with Jacquie Elliott DATE: 2023-02-02 -------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY: Mrs. Elliot is a life, spiritual and relationship coach who specializes in helping people explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences in order to gain self-understanding and awareness. On this episode of the Mortar Therapy Podcast, she speaks about abusive brain chatter, and whether or not one can be standing with an emotional abuser, or if they themselves are the emotional abuser based on their abusive brain chatter. Mrs. Elliot explains that the mind is a very interesting thing, and one must be mindful of what they tell it. She then introduces her ABC program, which is an innovative way to address trauma, especially emotional trauma. It is designed to help people recognize their negative self-talk and work on replacing it with positive affirmations. The program focuses on building self-compassion and understanding, as well as developing a healthier relationship with oneself. Ultimately, it helps individuals take control of their own minds and emotions to achieve a more balanced state of mind. The speaker used to talk to themselves with negative thoughts that were learned from their parents and school. One day, they were in bed with a remote control in one hand and a box of Frosted Miniwheats in the other, watching TV and binge eating. They realized at that moment that they needed to start a journey of self-healing and growth. Through twelve Step programs and the help of a spiritual center, the speaker was able to be kinder to themselves, make amends with themselves, and ultimately open a successful business that they were able to sell. The speaker is a life and spiritual coach who helps people overcome negative thoughts and feelings that are holding them back from reaching their goals. As part of her work, she has looked into the amount of thoughts people have each day and found that 80% of them are negative. She has made it her life's work to help people combat this negative brain chatter and find a more loving and understanding voice within themselves. She believes that until people can access that higher power, they won't be able to make the changes they want to in their lives. The speaker was discussing how the realization that the negative self-talk they were using was a form of emotional abuse was a pivotal moment in their life. They defined emotional abuse as bullying and belittling oneself, as well as dismissing compliments and negatively commenting on one's looks. They then highlighted the importance of awareness, writing down one's self-talk, and then believing in a higher power to be able to cure the brain chatter. They shared how they needed to rely on a higher power on their own journey, and how they got on their knees and asked for help. -------------------------------------------------- TIMESTAMPS: 0:00: --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/morethantherapy/message