Jan. 24, 2023

Getting People & Businesses—Happy | Healthy | Wealthy with Jake Thomas, Always a Marine and 5X Natural Physique Champion

Getting People & Businesses—Happy | Healthy | Wealthy with Jake Thomas, Always a Marine and 5X Natural Physique Champion
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Originally from New Orleans, Jake Thomas has a passion for personal service that stems from being a United States Marine. He has proudly leveraged that among a plethora of other experiences and hardships into a career of helping people satisfy some of the most basic human needs – health, happiness and wealth.   Jake has an affinity for physical and spiritual nutrition. By truly prioritizing his own health, he learned to manifest thoughts into reality. Put simply, the process of resculpting his mind and body saved his life. It has enabled him to lead family, friends and total strangers on similar paths. Nothing on this earth has given Jake more satisfaction than positively impacting the lives of other people.    Founded in 2017, LIFE LIKE JAKE is an elite mindset training mission that puts candidates through a rigorous unplugging process to rewire their thought matrices and understandings of the world as they see it, and of life itself. Doing so produces autonomous beings who are principle based and purpose driven, able to harness the power of the Universe to enact the change in their lives they so deeply desire.   The LIFE LIKE JAKE ethos is pillared on leadership, personal growth and development, radical candor and extreme accountability. It hails from military ideology, careers in professional athletics and multi-faceted entrepreneurship, historical and contemporary philosophy, and decades spent insatiably consuming drugs, alcohol, pleasurable company and material things.   Jake Thomas has a Bachelor of Science in International Trade & Marketing for the Fashion Industries (Summa Cum Laude, Salutatorian) from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a Master of Business for Veterans (MBV) (SALUTE National Honors Society) from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.


0:00:06- Interview with Jake Thomas: Leveraging Experiences and Hardships into a Career of Helping People Satisfy Basic Human Needs

0:02:42- Conversation with Jake Thompson on Military Principles and Living a Life of Purpose

0:06:15- Conversation on Mental and Physical Wellness

0:07:53- Heading: Physicality and the Mind-Body-Soul Connection in Fitness

0:09:38- Conversation on the Importance of Maintaining a Child-Like Curiosity and Adding Value to Wherever You Are

0:13:41- Heading: The Benefits of Eating Healthy and the Misconception of Fast Food Being Cheaper

0:15:06- Conversation on Personal Strength and Accountability

0:16:58- Conversation on the Importance of Doing the Right Thing No Matter What

0:19:20- Conversation on Addiction: Removing Accountability and Taking Ownership

0:22:58- Conversation on the Weak Mindset of Addiction and the Path to Self Mastery

0:25:18- Discussion on the Role of Suffering in Self Mastery

0:28:17- Exploring the Benefits of the 30 Day Carnivore Reset Guide

0:30:54- Conversation on the Benefits of a Macros-Based Diet for Optimal Health and Well-Being

0:32:19- Convincing Our Minds of Something Our Hearts Know to Be a Lie: A Discussion on Conscience Congruence

0:33:46- Conversation on Personal Growth and Development

0:35:33- Exploring the Power of Positive Thinking: A Conversation with [Name] on How to Change Negative Thinking Patterns

0:38:14- Conversation with Life Like Jake: Helping People Conquer Physical, Psychological, and Emotional Trauma

0:40:31- Heading: Life Coach Jake's Program for Achieving Happiness, Health, and Wealth

0:42:35- Discussion on the Pursuit of Goals: Setting SMART Goals and the Value of the Journey

0:44:05- Conversation with Jake Thomas of Lifelike Jake.com on Mental Health, Wellness, and Recovery

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