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July 19, 2022

Amy Stein - From Surviving to Thriving (Mind-Body-Spirit)

Amy Stein - From Surviving to Thriving (Mind-Body-Spirit)

Felipe Blue, LCS, CSI of More Than Therapy discusses with Amy Stein about moving from surviving to thriving.

Amy’s mission is to educate and empower others to be their own best healers by reconnecting with the innate intelligence of their body with Mother Nature. Reminding themselves that they get to choose what is best for their body. Amy does this by teaching them how to re-awakening to their intuition as true healing only occurs when we address the whole package. Her approach is a mind-body-spirit one which uses the “power of the plants”, mindfulness and breath to assist you in transforming into whom you are meant to be. Her coaching calls are called Mind-Body-Spirit-Breath Sessions.

Host: Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI

Recording Location:

More Than Therapy

201 W Main Street 

Suite 316

Durham, NC 27701


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