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More Than Therapy

More Than Therapy

Podcast providing listeners with thoughts, interviews, discussions and more about mental health, addiction, current trends and affairs, beneficial resources and so much more. The show is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always empowering and educating. Find supplemental information at www.morethantherapy.org and if you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, sign up at: https://calendly.com/morethantherapy

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Recent Episodes

Amy Stein - From Surviving to Thriving (Mind-Body-Spirit)

July 19, 2022

Felipe Blue, LCS, CSI of More Than Therapy discusses with Amy Stein about moving from surviving to thriving. Amy’s mission is to educate and empower others to be their own best healers by reconnecting with the innate intelli…

Susan Jane - Trusting Your Intuition

July 12, 2022

Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI of More Than Therap y discusses with Susan Jane about trusting your intuition. 🙌 Susan has spent over 35 years encouraging people to connect, develop and trust their intuition to enable them to make co…

Neil McKinlay - Betryal, Recovery, and Meditation

July 5, 2022

On this episode, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI discussed with Neil McKinlay about betrayal, recovery and meditation. 👏 Neil McKinlay is a teacher of embodied meditation. Neil is also in recovery from a long relationship with a dysf…

Liam Naden: The Secrets of Success: Using Your Brain the Right Way

June 28, 2022

On this occasion, Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI has a discussion with a speaker, teacher, writer and researcher known as Liam Naden who helps you understand the process for creating true success in your life by understanding how to…

The Importance of Self Care with Camille Brown-Lowery and Judithe Louis

June 21, 2022

Felipe Blue, LCAS, CSI of More Than Therapy discusses with Camille Brown-Lowery of Brown Sugah Counseling* and Judithe Louis of Ede Mwen Health Services regarding SELF CARE . Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinical…

"You Are Not Your Trauma" with Marcy Pusey, Trauma Certified Story Coach, Author, and TEDx Speaker

March 31, 2022

Marcy is the mother of four humans and two pups, but she’s also tossed pizzas for a pizzeria, acted and sang in a musical, advocated for families with special needs, made appearances in a few movies, and mimed with balloon a…