Monsters, Madness and Magic

Monsters, Madness and Magic

Monsters, Madness and Magic features chats with the cast and crew of your favorite flicks, conversations with the best musicians metal has to offer, served with a side of secrets from seekers of the odd and occult - there's something for everyone within the Sanctuary of the Strange. The Monsters, Madness and Magic Podcast is available on all platforms.

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EP#195: Mother of Death - An Interview with Danielle Bisutti

June 7, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with actor Danielle Bisutti about the stage, James Wan, the God of War franchise, Freya, spirituality, and more!

EP#194: On the Dark and the Weird - An Interview with John R. Fultz

June 4, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with author John R. Fultz about Weird Tales, Sword and Sorcery, short stories, writing advice, Elric, his new book Darker Than Weird, and more!

EP#193: It Came From Beneath the Bed - An Interview with Erin Chambers

May 25, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with actor Erin Chambers about Don’t Look Under the Bed, Disney, spirituality, the stage, tough roles, and more!

EP#192: Bright Falls and Night Springs - An Interview with Matthew Porretta

May 21, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with actor Matthew Porretta about scary stories, hauntings in France, Mel Brooks, Men in Tights, theater, Alan Wake, and more!

EP#191: Mists of Melniboné - An Interview with Michael Moorcock

May 10, 2023

Join Justin and Nicholas as they chat with legendary writer Michael Moorcock on the origins of Sword and Sorcery, the Blitz of London, World War II, Elric of Melniboné, chaos, anarchy, the blues, and more!

EP#190: Beware the Stare - An Interview with Judith Roberts

May 9, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with stage and screen actor Judith Roberts about silent films, theater, David Lynch, Dead Silence, James Wan, Mary Shaw, method acting, and more!

EP#189: Voice of Vengeance - An Interview with Kali Rocha

May 1, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with actor Kali Rocha about Broadway, Buffy, the Salem witch trials, Waco, Daniel Day-Lewis, improv, method acting, and more!

EP#188: Artist of the Recently Deceased - An Interview with Ve Neill

April 24, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with Academy Award-winning makeup artist Ve Neill about monster movies, breaking into the business, Beetlejuice, Robin Williams, the Sword and the Sorcerer, spirits, and more!

EP#187: Witches and Werecats - An Interview with Brian Krause

April 18, 2023

Join Justin as he chats with actor Brian Krause about demonic cats, witches, ghosts, method acting, Charmed, Stephen King, Sleepwalkers, and more!

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