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#MOMFLAILS Podcast is all about WOMEN! Amazing women who can finally share their voice, heart and have a platform to inspire and be inspired. Week by week, Host, Laura Fox will bring you along her entrepreneurial journey, and bringing with her amazing guests bringing you the truth from Teachers, Boss-Moms, and Inspiring Women all juggling the world on their shoulders. How do I raise awesome kids and keep my job? How can I grow my business? How can I make more money? How can I travel more and feel free? How can I spend more time with my family? What are some ideas to create an asset with recurring revenue? How do I build my dream team? How can I protect my kids from bullying? How can I homeschool when I'm not a teacher? How do I grow my business? What internet systems and knowledge do I need to get started? How can I get my body back to before baby?! I'd love to write a book, where do I begin? What's the fastest way to get 'it' all done? Am I good enough? It's time you put yourself first and follow your dreams. As moms, we don't fail, we flail, and then we prevail! Only moms protect other moms. Welcome to the #MOMFLAILS Podcast, where l will share my entrepreneurial journey, turning my mess into my message, AND bring on the most amazing women as my special guests to share their heart and their voice. #MOMFLAILS is about running a successful business and household with a freakin' skip in our step! It's time us amazing women have a platform to really share our stories....our flailures! Week after week, host Laura Fox, Author, Inventor, Business Consultant & Coach and guests will share current and relevant tips and tricks on all things Business - Health - Wealth Creation - Internet Related - Marketing - Mindset - Motivational - Education - High Performance - and KIDS! So, what do you say? Ready to grab the bull by the horns and ride it? Join our #MOMFLAILS CLUB Facebook group to see the live interviews and request future guests on the show. Even though it doesn't always feel like it, in this club, you're in control!