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Mistaken Identity: Beyond The Ballpark

Mistaken Identity: Beyond The Ballpark

Ever wonder what the people who work at Wrigley Field do on their personal time? What are some of the former players up to these days? Our podcast will take you on an amazing journey, introducing you to some amazing people we have met along the way, discussing hot topics, a few silly games and a overall good time. We throw in a few surprise guests along the way, of course! Disclaimer: the opinions and views expressed are those of the speakers , and do not represent the opinions and views of any team or organization. It's not business, it's personal!

Recent Episodes

June 27, 2022

Beyond the Left Field Gate: Jim Jonas

Whether you call it Gate D Wintrust Gate, Left Field Gate or Gate 1, the one constant over the years has been Guest Services Supervisor Jonas. He chats with Frank (who was a gate chief at this gate in the 90s for five years)...

June 21, 2022

Beyond Fatherhood: Jeremy Chaet

With Father's Day concluding over the weekend, Frank chats with a well known father at Wrigley Field that you can find behind home plate at almost every game. Visit our show sponsor Athletic Greens website here Don't miss al...

June 20, 2022

Beyond Juneteenth: Pastor LeAundre Hill (Encore)

In recognition of Juneteenth we present a encore episode from our first season's Cultural Conversations series featuring Pastor LeAundre Hill. Don't miss all of our exclusive content on our Patreon page! Visit www.patreon.com...

June 13, 2022

Beyond Indiana: Sallee Malinich

We have a great time talking to a Hall of Fame Cubs co-worker who makes the journey all the way from Indiana to Wrigley Field every game: Sallee Malinich! Visit our show sponsor Athletic Greens website here Don't miss all of ...

June 06, 2022

Beyond the Outfield: Jason Heyward Baseball Academy

Andy McDermott of Intentional Sports met with the game day staff earlier this year to discuss plans for the youth center that will host the Jason Heyward Baseball Academy. Don't miss all of our exclusive content on our Patreo...

May 30, 2022

Beyond the Bullpen: Al Hitzke

After spending time as security for the Cubs bullpen, Al Hitzke went on to become one of the Cubs longest serving Security Supervisors. He chats with Frank about baseball, grandkids and more. Don't miss all of our exclusive ...