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April 23, 2020

Sonalee Rashatwar aka @thefatsextherapist on Cantaloupes, Casteism, and Body Image

Sonalee Rashatwar aka @thefatsextherapist on Cantaloupes, Casteism, and Body Image

Meet Sonalee Rashatwar (she/they), known as @thefatsextherapist on Instagram! They're an award-winning superfat queer bisexual non-binary clinical social worker, sex therapist, adjunct lecturer, and grassroots organizer based in Philadelphia.

This episode was recorded toward the end of March, just as many shelter-in-place orders were taking effect.

First of all, we talk cantaloupes! Our melon chat frames a very serious dialogue about Sonalee's challenges within the social work field and creating an activist community. We also discuss Hindu casteism and how it relates to body image and body purity. The common thread in our discussion is navigating family dynamics and relationships, especially when family members support Hindutva/Hindu nationalism. Sonalee also sheds light about what it means to work as a sex therapist.

Find Sonalee on Instagram @thefatsextherapist and at www.sonaleer.com.

And here are some links I promised to share!

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  3. East Coast Solidarity Summer
  4. The zine Sonalee mentioned: Guilty Pleasures in the Age of the Problematic Fave

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