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The best!

I really enjoy the creativity and the simplicity they put in each episode. Jeremy is such a great host and I can’t wait to learn more !!

Awesome podcast!

I love the way Jeremy handles the topics at hand. Will be an avid listener!

Pure Gold

I’ve been binge listening to these guys, and all I can say is Mark, Ben & Jermey are total saints. I don’t know many people who would share all of their knowledge like these pros do. No fluff, just seriously great quality messenger advice. I’ve already implemented a ton of the tips you’ve shared. T…

Great informative pod

Please keep up the great work, I can tell you guys will bring a lot of value to the space in the future ! Keep podding

New favorite

Love hearing strategies from actual e-commerce companies. They don’t hold anything back. Subscribed!

Messenger = 💰💰💰

Learning so much already and excited to start using messenger in my eccommerce business! And their hosts are so helpful! Ask them quesitons post show and they answer.

Helpful and Insightful

I didn’t know much about Messenger chatbots but these guys definitely break things down pretty well.

The Most Practical Strategies Around

Love this podcast not only for the innovation, but because I can actual implement these things in my business. Nothing like actual advice that I can use in my 7 figure company to help me get to 8 figures.