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June 26, 2021

PonderVision: Loki Episode 3 Apocalyptic Questions

From gold elevators to doomed moons, huge questions were raised.

Let's face it: The name "Lamentis" is telegraphing that you're gonna have a bad time. But maybe there's more to that name than meets the eye? Meanwhile, there are so many small details that raise big questions, like:

Where is Sylvie's missing horn?

What's at the top of those gold elevators?

Where's that Lamentis scene from the trailer?

Which is weirder: Sylvie and Loki, or Josh and Cher from Clueless?

Join Jesse Taylor and Marc Faletti for PonderVision, the place where Loki episode 3's most captivating conundrums will be explored. Even if it takes a toll on our backsides.