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July 19, 2021

Charactercast: Loki Episode 6 Final Arcs

A surprising big bad, a relationship torn apart, and a teacher from Ohio

Kang/He Who Remains was full of surprises. And lies—at least if you ask Sylvie. She and Loki began the final episode closer than ever, only to find themselves multiverses apart in the end. Meanwhile, the TVA as we knew it seems gone. And in its place...well, we probably won't know for sure until season 2 just how different the new TVA is. But we definitely have some ideas.

On our final Charactercast of Loki season one, Kristine Kippins and Marc Faletti discuss the finer points of Loki's growth, Kang's plan, Sylvie's revenge, Mobius's new form, and Ravonna's past. 

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