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June 1, 2022

Walnut.io's Journey from Idea to $56-million in Venture Capital

Walnut.io's Journey from Idea to $56-million in Venture Capital
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What's it like to operate a red-hot startup?

What's it like to raise $56-million in venture capital in a relatively short period of time?

In this episode of Marketing Spark, Walnut.io CEO Yoav Vilner talks about the interactive demo software company's rapid growth and how it raised major venture capital, including a $35 million Series B round in January.

Yoav and I also talked about:

- How B2B SaaS companies can attract their first 100 customers

- When sales teams should be scaled.

- When to hire your first full-time marketer and what type of marketer to hire

- The new world of networking.