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Nov. 2, 2022

How to Pick the Right Podcast Booking Agency

How to Pick the Right Podcast Booking Agency

Definition of annoying: most pitches from podcast booking agencies.

They’re not personalized.

Clearly, no research has been done.

They’re frequently off-topic.

And sometimes they use the wrong name.

Agencies using these types of agencies are getting bad deals.

It’s hard to get a guest on podcast, so you can't use a company that does a poor job.

Having received so many bad podcast guest pitches, I asked Jakub Zajicek from Speak on Podcasts for insight and advice on how and when to use a podcast agency.

Since launcing in 2020, Speak on Podcasts has booked more than 2,000 guests and represents companies like @gong and @paddle.

The key to finding the right partner is simple: research and being clear about your point of view and who’s going to do the talking.

As important, companies need a strategic plan that integrates how podcasts will fit into the marketing and sales mix.