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Oct. 13, 2022

Are B2B Companies Still Excited about Podcasts?

Are B2B Companies Still Excited about Podcasts?
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In theory, podcasts are a great thing for B2B and B2B SaaS companies.

They allow companies to connect with prospects, customers, and influencers and generate a ton of content (blog posts, social media updates, videos).

But podcasts can be a hard sell for marketers. One of the challenges is that the value and ROI of a podcast are more than data-driven.

When a marketer is asked by a CEO about how to measure a podcast's success, the answer is "a podcast can be quantified but many of the benefits aren't visible".

To get insight into the B2B podcast landscape, I connect with Tom Hunt , founder of Fame.

We talked about:

- Whether companies are still enthiastic about podcasts

- How to sell a podcast to. CEO or CMO

- The role and value of an internal podcast for employees

- Whether CEOs really understand their customers, and how a podcast and creating content is a great way to discover valuable insight.