The Marc and Lowell Show

The Jewish version of Don and Mike

These guys are entertaining but I almost rated the podcast one star just for the ridiculous comments Lowell recently made about the new iPad. It's only out of my respect for Marc, as a SEMI-PROFESSIONAL broadcaster, that I still gave you guys 5 stars.

The new iPad not having Flash is not a criticism. It's a feature! Flash is dead and rapidly being replaced with HTML5 across the entire web. All Flash does is slow down your device and reduce battery performance to display ads no one really wants or needs to see. The only people that really complain about the lack of Flash are Flash developers. Once Lowell sees the retina display first hand, he'll change his tune.

As far as Shack, he's not quite a show stopper but he's best used sparingly. It's not like you have 3 hours to fill so you guys don't need your own version of Dennis Murphy or Tom Gavin. The camp stories are entertaining on their own and you could have Shack on like once a month or so it doesn't become over done.

March 9, 2012 by usrbingeek on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show