MAMAS IN TRAINING: Preparing for Pregnancy & Motherhood

MAMAS IN TRAINING: Preparing for Pregnancy & Motherhood

Giving aspiring first time moms guidance & community from moms who've been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself.
Here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood.
We're in this together!

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EP139- How to Survive a Tough Season

Oct. 28, 2022

As we move through the seasons, I can’t help but compare it to the seasons of life we go through.  There are many seasons we experience, especially through motherhood and some last longer than others.  Today I’m back with a …

EP138- How Your Voice & Music Impacts Your Baby in the Womb and Beyond

Oct. 19, 2022

Learn the secret to preparing your baby for transitions and the best way to connect with your baby before they are even born… your voice and music. Vered is a music therapist, psychotherapist, a mother of 3 and the founder o…

EP137- How to Create a Legacy as a Single Mom

Oct. 12, 2022

Today, we are joined by Neferteri Plessy, the amazing woman and founder behind Single Moms Planet. Through her stories, and the stories of the many women she’s evolved with, listen as she talks about co-parenting, self-care,…

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About the Host



Host and Creator

As an auto-immune disease fighter, Jessica's motherhood journey is postponed. 

While she navigates her health journey, she has decided to learn all about motherhood before she actually is a mother. As a Mama in Training herself, she decided to take that idea and support other Mamas in Training on their journey in and through motherhood. Listen in and learn other all about how to best prepare for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Living in NYC and originally from MA, Jessica is always looking for ways to gather people together, connect and create. She is an American TV/Film and Theatre actor and has been with her husband for 13 years. 

When she's not hosting the podcast or acting, you can probably find her at the gym or at a local coffee shop. She has found her passion in serving others and storytelling.