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It's an unusual, captivating and a thought provoking podcast, where we bring you subjects of controversy while creating a safe space for you to share your ideas on social, sexual and interpersonal orientations.
No pretense, Keep it real And Undiluted.
So let's loosen up guys, live and enjoy life. Listen as the rules of the game are about to change. Whip! Whip!!

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Recent Episodes

Emotional Bullying

Aug. 11, 2021

On this episode, Emajay ice and Opecole gives us insight into the topic, EMOTIONAL BULLYING. Do you know there are levels to bullying? Ever heard of emotional bullying? Any idea what it entails? This episode provides the ans…

Multiple Sexual Partner (MSP)

June 16, 2021

On this week’s episode of the Podcast, Emjay Ice and Opecole takes us through a captivating subject, MSP which is short for Multiple Sexual Partners. What is your perception of Multiple Sexual Partners? Or better still, wil…

Do Girls Get Paid for Sex Indirectly or Directly?

May 12, 2021

First of all, what kind of payment are we talking about? Cash or kind? I think both parties get paid in kind sha if you ask me, cos as you take enjoy the knack, na so me take enjoy am (except you are a 1 minute kinda guy sha…

EXs & OHs

April 27, 2021

Let's talk exes!!! Yup, you heard right? There are 2 types of people in relationships: those who can't seem to let go after a breakup, and those who 'peace out' of the relationship. Which one are you? On this episode, we ta…

Baby Momma(rism)

April 14, 2021

This episode takes a deep delve into baby mamas and single parenting. Is there a difference between both? Find out what happens to a child who grows up in a home with both parents living apart. Can baby mamas raise a child a…

Lagos and Second Hand Relationships Pt.1

March 31, 2021

Many ladies have always complained about Lasgidi men and their long line of relationships. Is it really true or is there an unspoken beef with Lagos men? Find out in this sizzling episode with Ope Cole and Emjay Ice --- Se…


March 17, 2021

There's quite a whole lot unsaid about this thing called 'BRA'. Every adult or young adult have come across one, two or more experiences that's worth sharing... In this episode of the podcast LLU season 2, Opecole & first ti…

Transparency in a Relationship Pt.1

Jan. 27, 2021

The thought of being transparent with your significant other can be scary even for the bravest soul. You may begin to wonder if you’re better off being “opaque” or just “reasonably” transparent. Being perfectly open to each …