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March 20, 2023

E152 - Keith Blakemore-Noble, Author of AntiManipulation - Avoid the Pit of Despair in Sales

E152 - Keith Blakemore-Noble, Author of AntiManipulation - Avoid the Pit of Despair in Sales
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E152 - Keith Blakemore-Noble, Author of AntiManipulation - Avoid the Pit of Despair in Sales

About our guest:
Multi-time award-winning international speaker. Multi-time best-selling author. World’s #1 Fear Strategist. Creator of Mindset Mastery.

I am all of these, but I am also someone who used to be utterly terrified of speaking with strangers, and who allowed this fear to hold his life back for decades.

Until one panic attack too many, which forced me to realise I needed to Do Something.



There are countless unscrupulous individuals and businesses out there, each with a very strong vested interest in you buying their stuff – whether that’s products, courses, services, or even ideas, beliefs, and theories.

So strong is their need for you to buy from them, that they will stop at nothing in their attempts to manipulate you into buying.

Imagine if you could find out about their approaches, so that you could protect yourself?

That’s the premise behind the new book AntiManipulation, which is coming soon from the international best-selling author of The Masks We Wear and the Winning In Life And Work series.

It’s time to put the balance of power back into your hands!


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Dave's Audio Book Recommendation for Spring 2023

Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life Through the Power of Storytelling

A five-time Moth Grand SLAM winner and bestselling novelist shows how to tell a great story - and why doing so matters.

Whether we realize it or not, we are always telling stories. On a first date or job interview, at a sales presentation or therapy appointment, with family or friends, we are constantly narrating events and interpreting emotions and actions. In this compelling book, storyteller extraordinaire Matthew Dicks presents wonderfully straightforward and engaging tips and techniques for constructing, telling, and polishing stories that will hold the attention of your audience (no matter how big or small). He shows that anyone can learn to be an appealing storyteller, that everyone has something “storyworthy” to express, and, perhaps most important, that the act of creating and telling a tale is a powerful way of understanding and enhancing your own life.

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