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Dec. 7, 2022

E105 - Stephanie Wilson - A Trip Around the World, Homelessness and Finding Yourself

E105 - Stephanie Wilson - A Trip Around the World, Homelessness and Finding Yourself

E105 - Stephanie Wilson - A Trip Around the World, Homelessness and Finding Yourself

Meet Stephanie
Stephanie Wilson believes storytelling can save lives. Her MBA and over a decade of artistic training both help her live out that passion.

Stephanie resides in New York City’s Upper West Side with her scruffy Puerto Rican street dog, Luna.

The Book: Big Waves & Wooden Benches: A True Story

Well, if you’re Stephanie Wilson, you sell all your earthly possessions and set sail around the world for 115 days seeking answers. But big adventures often end with bigger questions, and sometimes truly finding yourself requires the courage to further surrender into the signs and synchronicities.

From big waves on the horizon, pregnant with seemingly endless possibility, to wooden benches in NYC parks portending gloom and despair, Stephanie’s journey of divining the omens and learning how to trust her own quiet knowing, especially against the false sense of stability in the world around her, will resonate deeply with any reader who has ever had the scary and sinking feeling that there must be more to life—along with the will to find the answer.

***You can follow along with chapter by chapter photos at IG: @bigwaveswoodenbenches or at https://www.thestephaniewilson.com/

Andy Frye, write for Rolling Stone and Forbes calls it, "a conjuring of Jack Kerouac with a smarter, more feminine tone. It’s a good read for anyone who loves travel lit with a cozy and sometimes frightening look at post-modern life."

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Dave's Audio Book Recommendation for November 2022

Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story - Bono

Bono—artist, activist, and the lead singer of Irish rock band U2—has written a memoir: honest and irreverent, intimate and profound, Surrender is the story of the remarkable life he’s lived, the challenges he’s faced, and the friends and family who have shaped and sustained him.

Narrated by the author, Surrender is an intimate, immersive listening experience, telling stories from Bono’s early days in Dublin, to joining a band and playing sold out stadiums around the world with U2, plus his more than 20 years of activism.

Throughout a remarkable life, music has always been a constant for Bono and in the audiobook, his distinctive voice is interwoven with a very personal soundtrack adding atmosphere and texture to each and every scene. From moments of classic U2 hits to snippets by The Clash, Patti Smith, Verdi, Johnny Cash and Mozart, Surrender also exclusively features clips of newly recorded re imagined versions of U2 songs including ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, ‘With Or Without You’, ‘One’, ‘Beautiful Day’ and more, glimpsed for the first time on Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story.