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Nov. 23, 2022

E101 - Kristina Lucia Andrews - Handmade Crochet Characters and Accompanying Children's Story Book

E101 - Kristina Lucia Andrews - Handmade Crochet Characters and Accompanying Children's Story Book


Kristina Lucia Andrews - Handmade Crochet Characters and Accompanying Children's Story Book

Combining her talents to create gorgeous handmade crochet creations with her book to bring these characters to life!

Kristina Lucia is an artist, creator, and author who ignites the imaginations of children and their parents through her limited edition animals and touching storybooks. Her humble beginnings in a small farm town (there was only one traffic light!) sparked her creativity at a young age and her adopted home of New York City keeps her inspired daily. Curiously Curated Creations of Kristina Lucia features a magical array of warm, cuddly and comforting creatures along with storybooks that help parents and kids
improve their communication and deepen their relationships.

Whether she is strutting down Fifth Avenue in Manolos or curled up on her sofa in slipper socks, Kristina is ready to create a masterpiece. Her crochet hooks and knitting needles are always within reach to whip up anything from stuffies to baby sweaters, while her kitchen table is often covered with her watercolor paints and brushes or freshly baked cookies.

After an injury forced her to reconsider her 100-mile-an-hour corporate career, Kristina realized her true path: to be the artist she was meant to be. The door of Curiously Curated Creations of Kristina Lucia opened upon her receiving a sign from her Mom. The journey began in November 2019.

Kristina is also a competitive dancer, an avid reader, and travel buff. When she is not working, you can find her in the studio dancing her cha cha, with her nose in a book, or exploring a new destination.

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