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Dec. 13, 2022

E28 - A Taste of our Other Podcast - Living The Next Chapter - Greg Cagle is our guest

E28 - A Taste of our Other Podcast - Living The Next Chapter - Greg Cagle is our guest


A Taste of our Other Podcast - Living The Next Chapter - Greg Cagle is our guest

We are back!  Busy time of year as we go through some major changes with our Side Hustle turned Store Front - we will get you up to date on that shortly!  Thanks for following along!

We wanted to share one of our other podcasts - yes, we have 7 different podcasts!

This episode features our Living The Next Chapter Podcast and our guest Greg Cagle

Greg Cagle isn’t for everyone. Some might say he’s an acquired taste. They might even say he’s one weird dude.

Over the course of his entrepreneurial career, he has started five successful businesses in industries as diverse as real estate development, engineering and tech, food services and hospitality, and advertising and marketing.

Everything he’s ever done, he’s built from ground zero. He knows what it feels like to lie awake on Tuesday night wondering how to make payroll on Friday.

As a coach and consultant, he’s come alongside the top leaders and businesses in even wider-ranging fields:

  • Army Special Operations
  • Steel and diesel engine manufacturing
  • 5-star hospitality
  • Cutting-edge technology and software
  • Non-profit educational systems and higher education
  • Financial and insurance
  • Oil and gas engineering

He has also partnered with John C. Maxwell and his company for many years as an executive coach, speaker, trainer, and business consultant.
You’ll discover how to:

  • Know who YOU truly are at the core,
  •  Leverage the power of YOU to increase your influence, and
  •  Enjoy the deeply-fulfilling and satisfying life you’ve always felt was possible. 

Culture can become an organization’s secret weapon or an invisible burden. The good news is that when leaders learn to shape it, they can design and deploy a culture that employees are eager to promote and protect.


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