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April 5, 2023

Tourney Legal - The Doomed Timelines, Episode 2

Tourney Legal - The Doomed Timelines, Episode 2
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This is an archival of a podfiction show created in 2019.

The Doomed Timelines was a Homestuck Fanfiction podcast about two travelers through paradox space researching the various doomed timelines of the homestuck universe through the lens of fanfiction.

Today's episode is a recording of Tourney Legal, by anxiousAnarchist.

Rose Lalonde is the best Smash player she knows. Her ability to foresee useful outcomes is only a part of the reason she's so good. However, it seems that the seer might have found someone who shares her particular interest in the game... Even worse, this approaching challenger may actually be able to beat her.

Narrator: Luna Fae Kaida, message on Discord @alunardragon#6969
Rose: Jax, your Live Laugh Stuck podcast host
Dave: Duncan, On Twitter @egosweetheart or at egosweetheart.tumblr.com.
Vriska: Anna, on Twitter @aCmusic27 or on Youtube @articulatelycomposed.
Roxy: Domi, message on Discord @dominoThief#4405

The music and editing for the show was done by Domi.
The show was produced by Jax.
The art for the show was done by @DJDoodlesArt

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Edited and music by Domi

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