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May 4, 2023

Fanstuck: Polyswap with Saint and Rafi

Fanstuck: Polyswap with Saint and Rafi
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Another fantastic fanstuck with Polyswap mods! Unfortunately the main signups are closed, but you can still sign up to be a pinch hitter until June 10th! 

Polyswap 2023 Schedule 

April 9-25: Signups Open!
May 6: Assignments Given
May 30: Deadline to Default, Prompts Released
May 31: Prospiderser Check
June 10: Assignments Due, Deadline for Pinch Hitter Sign Ups
June 17: Polyswap Prospit and Derse Collections open
June 24: Derse and Prospit Authors Revealed, Polyswap Presents Collection opens
June 27: Polyswap Presents Authors Revealed

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