Sept. 5, 2020

What Colors your Life direction?

What Colors your Life direction?

Life is like tending a garden. In today’s episode we cover bright beginning (ages 18-39 years old) through to being a sage (aged 60 to 100+ years old).
Have you ever considered:
What drives you?
What you value?
What are the positive attributes, key lessons for each stage of your life?

Suppose not doing so could result in a major health impact on your (mental and/or emotion) well-being? Suppose not aligning with your soul could affect the quality of your life?
According to Richard Barrett, the founder of the Barrett Values Academy, this may very well be the case. I am looking forward to hosting Richard on an upcoming episode to discuss this.

Life is like tending a garden. In today’s episode, we cover bright beginning (ages 18-39 years old) through to be a sage (aged 60 to 100+ years old).   

Have you considered the positive attributes, key lessons for each stage of your life?

Suppose not doing so could result in a major health impact on your (mental and/or emotion) well-being?  Suppose not aligning with your soul could affect the quality of your life?

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Planting the Garden. Age range 18 to 24 years old
Contemplate how does a garden grow.  This is a time to sow seeds for beginning and seeking opportunities.

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Maturing and Blooming.  Age range 25 to 39 years old
key lessons
Find freedom as your horizons expand.

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Weed your Garden. Age range 40s
Contemplate and understand, study and reflect on your life to date.  Consider and appreciate all the learningful moments, dark times, celebrations, the joys of life to date.  Adjust and pivot. 

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Thin the Rows and Reap the Rewards.   The Decade of the 50s
For your chakras the 50s are a reset from the beginning.   Old teenagers come out to play and play up.  The Ego can take up rulership and lead to ruin.  Learn to meditate, pray, try yoga.  

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Nourish and Love. Age range    60+ to 100+
From you 60s onwards it is a time of endings, completions and trimmings. Let go of the old and make way for the new. Yes, new growth, new opportunities. It's the end of the old and the beginning of a new.   

The Fallow Years
Between each decade there can be a time of leaving the garden unsown.  A time to rest and restore.  For me, I have used these periods as an opportunity to do a retreat.  For my 40th I did a silent retreat for a week at The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, a non-profit organization, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Now that was a challenge let me tell you.  The benefits were beyond belief.

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Michelle St Jane 0:04 

What colors your life direction? We have different stages of development at different ages. It's important to carry out certain tasks and address certain needs. I'm going to cover the age range from 18 through to 100 plus years old. I'm going to give an overview of what drives our lives, the values that support our lives, the positive attributes, 


key lessons and challenges with a little color from our chakras, which are primary at each stage. This episode draws on the work of Richard Barrett, the founder of the Barrett Values Academy numerologist Gordon Taylor Spowart and bioenergy of your chakras expert Vicki Howie. Let's start chronologically. This falls into the stage of differentiating as defined by Richard Barrett, a British author who writes about leadership, values, and consciousness. 

The age range is 18 to 24 years old is where I’ll start. At this stage, it's very important to have a sense of belonging being respected and recognized by your social groups. This is a time of getting your needs met and examining what's important and valuable in your life. For example, what do you like or do not like? This is the time to sow seeds for a new beginning and opportunities. 


Plant those seeds well with care and support your family and community. 


There are key lessons, positive attributes, and challenges to consider. One key lesson: learning self-expression and the joy of life. A positive attribute calls you to be imaginative, be highly creative, and enthusiastic about everything you do. There are challenges if you are not in a safe environment or you're unable to express your feelings and frustrations. If you tend to be someone who goes silent, this translates into your life as becoming critical and always looking for problems. On the other hand, this is the time we can learn to be of service and appreciate order, become highly organized and grounded, become trustworthy. 


Learners, learn how to take very good care of yourself.


If your life has struggled more than most, you may develop a limiting belief system and feel boxed in and sadly find it difficult to create a solid foundation to support your goals and desires. Life is untidy, if not more of a struggle for most. 


If this is the case, there are some colors that can help you energetically. 


The color yellow is useful, either were and your clothes or in the food that you eat. The color yellow is related to joy. The color green is about foundation and home. Again, add it to your food, the colors of the food you eat, or the clothes that you wear. 


The next age is the age range of 25 to 39. This is the time of individuating Your job is to find freedom. Find out who you are, what you need, autonomy, and the ability to discover aspects of yourself. 


Become aware of your patterns.

Become willing to break these old patterns, even the deep ones. 


At this stage, many are settling down and creating a home. While others are off on adventure and travel. This is a time of planting seeds wherever you are. 


You're in need of cooperation to build beautiful things and expand your horizons. 


Continue to be in service and appreciate your freedom. 


Be more willing to communicate your thoughts. 


Consider a balance of love and work and an interest in justice at this time. be organized and grounded, dependable, and reliable. Develop your talents and gifts is nothing you can't do. You're an absolute sponge for knowledge. And on the home front, you're looking to protect and nurture what you have the challenges in your late 20s through to your early 30s. 


You could feel boxed in. 


Maybe a reluctance to change. Perhaps a lack of focus. If it's really hard to stay on track and you know you have a struggle with: 

● self-discipline, 

● get caught up in your thoughts and ideas, 

● find it hard to talk about them 

This is a time to be sensitive to all the isms like alcoholism and addiction, and of course, lots of broken relationships break down because there is a distortion between love and lust. 


Find a balance between self-acceptance and self-responsibility. 


If you struggle then set some clear priorities. 


If your inner critic and inner judge are alive in your life. Then be kind to yourself. These kinds of attitudes and us versus Me, me versus them attitude. They break down your ability to connect to your intuition where you have struggles or need to increase your good energy. The colors that you want to be considering are green because the green will support your foundation, your home. Blue to bring adventure will support you while you travel. And indigo, that's the bluish-purple is really good for the energy of love. 


Moving into the life stage of your 40s. 


You're coming into your strengths and you're learning your life lessons. Facing your challenges. This is important because at each stage you risk major health impacts particularly in the area of emotional mental, and you also have a risk to your soul. And you can use colors again to strengthen your weaknesses and increase your intuition and boost your productivity. So the 40s are all about being in the purples and the blues. Be careful not to be a perfectionist. Appreciate the perfection of you. Appreciate the perfection of nature. Concede the lack of everything you do being perfect. Perfectionism drains you. It's not effective in your life. 


This is a stage for self-actualization as defined by Richard Barrett. you're discovering and expressing your gifts and talents. You're finding meaning in your life. This is the stage where the ego starts to see the soul and your soul is seeking self-expression. Get a sense of meaning and purpose. What is it that you need to do? I've used This time of life isn't an opportunity to weed the garden. Get organized, hard work fertilizes your good plans and ideas. Start thinning out the rows create space for things to come. 


Allow your wings to spread. Be excited, consider how you would like to be the change in the world. What are the key lessons and positive attributes and challenges that you might need to consider at this stage? 


The key lessons circle around love, balance, and responsibility. The positive attributes are very much around the home and also being open to strengthening your intuition. Maturity comes in, you're able to size things up. There is a challenge of again having distorted feelings of love and an imbalance between self-acceptance and self-responsibility. If there's a lack, then it needs to be a clear priority. can expect your intuition. This is a time when people open to spiritual connection. They have a deep desire to understand a higher power. They are naturally curious. Ask questions. Favor people who are problem solvers and build connections with light-hearted people. 


The challenge, try to understand why you are here. Don't spend too much time overthinking or becoming a loner. Otherwise, you'll fall deeper into the arms of the isms I spoke of alcoholism and addictions. Be aware of being too much in your head thinking … thinking … thinking. Consider connecting … connecting … connecting to a higher power. 


Perhaps engage in prayer, meditation. 


Express yourself and discover. 


Especially discover and express your unique gifts and talents. Find meaning and purpose. 


This is a time of self-actualizing. 


Your soul is seeking self-expression in this life. 


Find out what is it that you need to do? 


Recognize your fears and master them. 


Address your fear-based beliefs and weed your garden. 


Thin the rows provide space to grow. 


The key lessons are about love, balance, and responsibility. Finding your home and building a strong intuition. 


Make a spiritual condition connection. 


Understand the universe. Be naturally curious. 

It's your time. 


The decade of the 50s is a great time for connecting, creating unconditional loving relationships. A time to make a difference in your world. Remember to fail at any of these stages risks major health impacts. Your soul needs to be expressed. Strengthening your intuition is important. Your ego blends with your soul and you seek meaning in life. How to make a difference is critical to your soul at this time. Making connections with like-hearted people. And you want to show up a deal with mental dysfunctions, mind dysfunctions, body discussion dysfunctions. You may also want to connect your chakras. 


Connect with your chakras and heal. 


For your 50s the key lessons are around your independence and individualism while balancing relationships and co-operation. It's your time to make your mark in life. You have the ability to draw into your life what you want. Be creative and innovative. 

Challenges tend to fall into the area of being self-centered. That means your egos getting in the way and no doubt you will underachieve or be aggressive. If you lack personal skills or are limited in collaboration skills then develop these areas. As human beings, we need to be socially connected. 


On the work front, people may be facing ageism, redundancy, or becoming invisible. This is an important time to create social connections with family. Lean into your Legacy and your life's purpose.  Surround yourself for quality relationships and reduce access for people who do not contribute to your life or future. This may be a time of traveling or creating a foundation. Perhaps downsizing is an opportunity for lots of adventure. Don't forget to contribute to the well-being of others and be of service to humanity at this stage of development. 


It's all about serving. 


If you need strengthening energetically Remember to use colors and the colors for your 50s are red in orange. 


Increase your consumption 


of orange foods. Mangos and pumpkin are a couple of my favorites foods. Perhaps wear some orange material in your clothing choices or underneath your clothing if it's not a favorite color. 


Your soul is seeking to make a difference. 


Show up. 


Connect with people who wish to make a difference as well. This is a time to nourish and be loving. Take care of domestic details on the home and family front. create harmony for all to flourish. Consider analyzing and biohacking yourself. Take center stage and delve deep. Evaluate and adjust. Prepare. 


This is a positive time for making your mark. 


You have the ability to do whatever you need, be creative. Be mindful of the challenges, particularly if codependents are being self-centered. The ego is getting in the way. You have the ability to get along with people increased Your relationships, your opportunities to cooperate. If collaboration is a struggle for you take a class. 


Turn those lemons into the lemon meringue. 


The last stage is 60 to 100+. Let's live well. 

Let's consider:

What is it you'd like to be when you grow up? 

Perhaps now the question feels more real, more possible?

Is it still current? 

Do you still wish to follow the path you’re on? 

Perhaps now you have the resources, space, and the capacity to do something totally different. Maybe you'd like to be a podcast host. Maybe you'd like to fly a plane. Whatever it is, listen to your dreams, listen to your intuition, listen to your soul, and live well. 


There are positive attributes, challenges, and key lessons for the stage. 

We're not all done, there is a good possibility that you may be retiring or making a different choice. Yes, choose to re-emerge as a leader in another area. The 60s is about serving to make a contribution, the one your soul truly wants to express in the world. 

Remember, at any stage if you fail to do what's called for your risk, major health, and life impacts. Your soul is the ultimate guidance system. And your soul wishes to live in this life and choose its purpose. Become a servant of your soul. As Richard Barrett puts it, my ego lives in fear my soul lives in love

I like to remind myself, reap the rewards and harvests of material satisfaction, wealth, and power. If you've had the opportunity to accomplish and shine, perhaps it is time to pay it forward. This is also a time of endings, completions, and trimmings. Let go of the old and make way for the new. Yes, new growth, new opportunities. 

What is it that you want to do next? 

This isn't the end. It's the end of the old and the beginning of the new. There are some key lessons to keep in mind. Remember, be present in loving relationships and be cooperative. Step into the joy of life. 

Be of service. 

At this stage you have freedom. The ability to choose to communicate, be curious, be in balance, be present in love and responsibility. You know how to get along with people. You've got good intellect, you're good with words. You know how to express yourself. 

So let's create more social and environmental imagination. 

Be enthusiastic in the areas that call your soul. Your soul speaks through your intuition. be organized, grounded, trustworthy, you have an abundance of gifts and talents is nothing you can't do. You're, you're still a sponge for knowledge. All you need to do is develop your spiritual connection. And listen for that deep desire. Understand the universe. Remember when we were children, we were naturally curious and ask lots of questions. 

Nothing can stop you today. In fact, it's a great time to consider what you would like to do. Is there still work to be done? Do you stuff emotions or suppress your feelings or frustrations? Do you go silent? well, consider journaling about your limiting belief systems. Consider figuring out where your blocks and take out one brick at a time, address where you're reluctant to change. If these things don't support your goal, and desire, then choose to do it differently. If you lack focus, then practice focusing a little bit every day. If you lack discipline, promise yourself to three things every day that contributes to your future will be done. If you don't, and you've fallen into the isms like alcoholism and addiction, then consider finding a professional to help resolve these issues or a 12-step program. 

Remember, lack of self-acceptance and lack of responsibility is all about adjusting your choices. You can choose to change them. 

You can develop some boundaries around being a critical judge of others.

You can address your attitudes and get back in touch with your intuition. There are lots of resources out there and I will put some at the end of the show notes for you to consider. 

If you haven't developed your spiritual connection consider practicing prayer meditation. That time of quiet is much healthier than being alone in your head with the itty bitty shitty committee. You may also want to connect with like-hearted people and create community. 

I'm going to go deeper into these areas with some featured guests in the near future. I'll link back to this episode the show notes. 

If you have any questions or would like further information, then please reach out. 


I am looking forward to sharing with you how to bio-hack yourself. Lovingly take care of yourself, live life, and lean into leadership on a conscious journey. 


I wish you well.

Reach out.  I am interested, do you have a topic you'd like to explore? It would be great to have your feedback.

Dr. Michelle St Jane

Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey 





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