Oct. 27, 2021

Values Across the Globe 🌎 and Generations G20-V20 | Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan & Dimah Al-Sheikh

Values Across the Globe 🌎 and Generations G20-V20 | Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan & Dimah Al-Sheikh

The value of values 🌎 Legacy, Impact & Transformation. Let’s talk about #Values across the Globe 🌎 and #Generations. Join me in conversation with the co-founders of the Values20, launched September 2020. They are leveraging the huge potential of a diverse group of organizations, experts, and practitioners from around the world. Values 20 (V20), by joining the V20 ecosystem, are on a mission to demonstrate to the G 20 and the wider world.

The value of values 🌎 Legacy, Impact & Transformation. Join me in conversation with the co-founders of the Values20, launched September 2020. They are leveraging the huge potential of a diverse group of organizations, experts, and practitioners from around the world. Values 20 (V20), by joining the V20 ecosystem, are on a mission to demonstrate to the G 20 and the wider world.

What Intrigued Me?

  • Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan: push the slow button. There is no greater or more or faster. Just simply operating from a place that's really, to our core nourishing. 

What Inspired Me?

  • Values20 🌎 Legacy, Dimah Al-Sheikh aim from an intellectually and from a knowledge perspective, share the best practices on the V20 platform driving a human-centric, initiatives. To share what works first and to share what didn't work. Do projects that create global and national transformation.

Knowledge Bomb

The V20 created three task forces:

  • Global values address how values can contribute to achieving societal and economic objectives;
  • Leadership Values is assessing how values can improve organizational outcomes;
  • Quality of Life Values is focusing on how to enhance people’s wellbeing.

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About the Guests

Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan,
a founding member of the V20, a global expert and connector on Values.  Author of the Values Compass. Business Book Awards 2021 recipient in the category of Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Dimah Al-Sheikh, Founder and Chair of Values 20 and Executive Manager of Misk Values.   

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Intro: [00:00:00] You're listening to Life and Leadership: A Conscious Journey. The podcast that shares wisdom and strength. Join your host, Dr. Michelle St Jane's conversation on how to have a positive impact for people, planet, and the wider world. If you want to live a life of intention, to be proactive with your time and bring your vision for the future to life one today at a time, you’re in the right place at the right time. Let's get started. 

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:00:38] Launched September 2020, leveraging the huge potential of a diverse group of organizations, experts, and practitioners from around the world. They established the Values 20, V20, by joining the V20 ecosystem. They're on a mission to demonstrate to the G 20 and the wider world. The value of values. The V20 is a [00:01:01] global community of value experts and practitioners organized to actively engage with the G20 participants.

[00:01:07] This helps to develop policies based on values through a network hub, it enables continuous knowledge sharing and a home for an innovation lab for impactful policy designs. The V20 created three tasks: 

🌎 Global values, this addresses how values can contribute to achieving societal and economic objectives. 

🧠 Leadership values, assessing how values can improve organizational outcomes. 

πŸ¦‹ Quality of life values. This focuses on how to enhance people's wellbeing. 

[00:01:38] Why are we talking about value? As a global movement Values 20 aims to support the G20 leaders and the wider world to develop people centered public policy solutions based with values at their core for building new momentum for global action, their mission, promoting a people centered public policy accounting for people's values and leading to tangible policy results.  

[00:02:03] To add depth to the understanding of values and public policy, the goal is to provide the G20 with evidence-based human centered policy solutions that contribute to overcoming global challenges, the V20 their values and actions for 2021. 

[00:02:19] My guests are, Demah Al Sheikh, chair of the Values 20 and the executive manager of Misk Values and the Misk Foundation. Which is all about creating opportunities to develop society and unleash individual potential. Igniting, as Dimah Al Sheikh put it, the start that unites an amazing group of people around the globe with a passion to understand and value values. That's her hope for the V20.

[00:02:48] Also joining me is Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan, a founding member of the V202.  She is a global expert and connector on values, an international best-selling author of the book, The Values Compass (link to this episode https://bit.ly/3j8gDJ7), Business Book Awards 2021 recipient in the category of diversity, equality, and inclusion. She's also an inductee of the Thinkers, 50 class of 2021. 

[00:03:10] A tremendous opportunity: 

🧭 to create conversation and capture wisdom drawn from the actual experience and thought leadership of these ladies; and 

🧭 to empower values led leadership. 

Plus, what's cooler than contributing to life and leadership in the context of the intersection of corporate culture and the potential of your conscious commitment to values driven leaders.

[00:03:32] The Values 20, V20, is a knowledge sharing platform that connects values and experts from around the world to advise the V20 on policymaking process from a values-based approach. This is a global community of values experts and practitioners that seek to actively engage heads of state and the G20.

[00:03:50] My guests today are Dimah Al Sheikh. She is the chair of the Values 20. I really appreciate her leadership in this role. Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan a founding member of the V 20 too. 

[00:04:04] Thank you for joining me. I'd like to start off with: 

What are you most excited about in the value space? 

Dimah Al Sheikh: [00:04:10] Thank you, Michelle, for this great opportunity. I'm constantly excited by values driven actions, values driven organizations, and values driven initiatives, and witnessing that throughout my careers and how successful those initiatives that are based on values are and how much impact it could have.

[00:04:32] Make me more excited to take this movement on a global level and start with the best colleagues in the value is arena V20 in 2020. 

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:04:43] Mandeep, how would you expand on that question? 

Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan: [00:04:48] I really appreciate what Dimah has said, because I think that our initiatives, the V20 is absolutely focused on how can values really permeate every part of our society.

[00:05:00] From looking at large organizations, [00:05:05] global level organizations, international level organizations, such as the G 20, then national organizations, and then corporates. All the way down the value chain to your family. 

[00:05:16] I think the more that this conversation and the more that these values-based words and the more that this initiative permeates into our consciousness, the greater chance we'll have of leading, creating a community in which we all feel comfortable in which we all feel included and celebrated. That we're behaving in a way that is uplifting to each one of us.

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:05:42] Clearly, we have the right leadership in place because the catalyst of your action gives voice to citizens for a better country and to facilitate conscious and responsible action globally. 

What are we missing Dimah? 

What would you say your number one focus would be in the area? 

Dimah Al Sheikh: [00:06:00] It's not something that we are missing, but it is something that the global community are not aware of.

[00:06:08] That is totally different. So having the stamina and having what it takes, but not being aware about it is as not having it all. 

[00:06:17] We do have: 

🧭 values-driven nations, 

🧭 values driven policy recommendations, 

🧭 a great framework of global sustainable goals.

What we not aware of will not allow us to leverage the best achievements in separate nations and bring them to a higher level of impact, which resembles a different level of worldview where collaboration multilateralism is hugely required and in demand.

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:06:48]  Mandeep, what's not showing up in the mainstream media. What would you call attention to? 

Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan: [00:06:53] What the media has been focused on:

🚩 one, a lack of focus on values and 

🚩two, almost a deliberate focus on the latest catastrophe or problem or [00:07:07] disaster, whether it be a bombing. 

[00:07:16] Over the summer, we saw fires in Greece. The way that the public responded to that was to panic, was to leave Greece or indeed not go to Greece. The prices of flights dropped dramatically, you can get there within 18 pounds or 14 pounds daily. That's an example of how everything that was happening in Greece was being shown as a disaster. 

[00:07:43] It was the same when I was in Munich over the summer. We thought that Germany was experiencing floods and natural disasters that Germany. There was cause for concern. We were thinking, “well, how is Germany responding to this? And why isn't it responding faster?” 

There were real concerns. Yet whilst I was in Munich, these floods, they weren't a cause for concern. They had them handled and it wasn't a reflection of Germany or how Germany handles disasters.

[00:08:13] There's a sense of to the outside world we are presenting, or the media presents the worst. And yet when you're there and you're living it, you can see that it’s a very different reality. 

It's very much the same when we're talking about values, we've rarely expressed values or talk about values within the media. If it's not in our everyday vernacular, if we're not living from that place, then our every day is really reduced.  

I'm finding that when people switch on the media, first thing in the morning, if that's the first thing they do, the way that their day then operates and indeed the anxiety it can cause it.

[00:08:51] It's not necessarily what you wish your day to be full of. More and more people are waiting, spending the first hour of their day in a place of peace and of prayer or meditation or active within nature so that they are coming from more of a values-based perspective throughout their day. Rather than a place of fair concern or kind of problem and giving themselves a more of a growth mindset rather than a shrinking mindset.

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:09:19] Well said. For 2021, I see the values, guiding your work, are:

🧭 integrity, 

🧭 solidarity, and 

🧭 sharing. 

What was the thinking behind that Dimah? 

Dimah Al Sheikh: [00:09:32] Our initial thinking was driven by the pandemic that have faced the world and took 2019 and sense we want to work within the G20 body.

[00:09:46] We have this internal alignment that the Italian presidency of V20 is focusing on. Then we went into very deep discussions among the V20 members led by the 2021, between two chairs. How do we prioritize? 

[00:10:06] Sharing came first because a lot of knowledge sharing, and technology sharing was required between the G20 countries and other countries to collectively and effectively face the pandemic.

[00:10:21] Besides that. There is a contribution continuous contribution from delegates throughout the year. Since we are an evidence-based policy recommendation, we do have a lot of data to share around this specific value in action. What's more results could be accomplished gets shared and adopted. So, for that capitalizing on what we have intellectually as a group, is essential year after year to choose the annual dissection and focus.

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:10:52] Mandeep, would you add anything to solidarity and integrity in your view? 

Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan: [00:10:58] Solidarity. Firstly, without integrity, I don't feel like we could walk forward or do this initiative with the heart and with the listening that we wanted. That’s the core value upon which all our work is then based.

[00:11:15] Integrity is almost the foundation. And then solidarity along with sharing. I feel just as Dimah said, that this is coming from the pandemic. We've seen that if we're working as a community, we're stronger when we're together. But if there isn't that sense of solidarity, both coming out it's about a team.

[00:11:33] Then more importantly in the work that we're doing and in the initiatives that we're then driving forward. That we will be creating almost a very weak infrastructure. 

Part of our work is also to have a sense of solidarity amongst all the others. Values-based organizations or initiatives around the world.

[00:11:51] We wanted to create, like a scaffolding within which a house of values, the global house can then set to framework in which everything has consent so that it creates. Almost like taking this house analogy further, this palace in which we all feel comfortable and confident and strong. And now we are here at World Values Day.

[00:12:14] Not reinvent the wheel, but rather have a place where the trampoline on which we bounce higher and higher together as opposed to alone. I think solidarity is really the infrastructure with which we're creating this. 

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:12:30] Dimah you've created this team of Alchemist shaping human goals through the launch of Values 20. What has come clear for you in the first year? 

Dimah Al Sheikh: [00:12:40] As important as this initiative is and the more interested people became and joined this movement, it became clear to me that we do have very common concerns. It's same humans that we like to be served through every nation through every initiative, through every book that we write through every policy that we recommend through every program that we have or campaign that we run, everything is human centric. Humans are driven by the right values, collectively and individually.

[00:13:16] I came to my realization that we are more alike than we think. I have been in multiple values seminars and conferences around the world, and I thought those people have reached to a specific level of awareness or quality that they know this. But after what we have done last year, I know that in every level, at every initiative and every sector people are alike and have the same concerns and want to serve within the same qualities. There is this same enduring purpose. 

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:13:16] Mandeep, you're traveling the world gathering up intellectual property around values globally and showcasing how each country has its own play on how values show up.

[00:14:08] What are your thoughts after your first year in this organization as a co-founder? 

Was what happened what you expected globally? 

Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan: [00:14:26] Yes, we are a team, a founding team. There's no reason why an Iman, the head of a mosque or a Bishop, the head of a church or indeed non-faith leading fantastic organizations aren't equally, as concerned about values and equally. 

[00:14:46] What I'm finding that I really appreciate about the V20 founding group is the level of awareness, the consciousness and the listening being the focus. It raises our game higher because we're trying to respond to almost the ideals that people are striving for and to meet them. I really feel like I found a sister in Dimah, brothers and sisters in the rest of the group. We’re international in terms of where we're all based and the worldview that we come from.

[00:15:16] I feel that the year went much better than I could have imagined. It feels like coming home. When you're talking about values with this group, it feels as though people get it and they know how to respond and how to move forward so that we can shape within the world.

[00:15:35] It feels like we're coming together to create the world that we all wish to live in. And there couldn't be a better way. 

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:15:42] I’m so grateful for all the service. So appreciative of both your leadership and the team that is doing this. 

Here we are, we're in the second decade of the 21st century. With the challenges we have, what values must be forged to meet this decade?

Dimah Al Sheikh: [00:15:57] I think keeping to a wider umbrella about wellbeing in general is, might be a good focus to start this decade. I'm not speaking about the specific value because whatever it takes to feel or to be, or to live and being well balanced life. That means different things to different people. If we agree with this as an enduring purpose, then it would be a very high-level shared goal of all of us under this comes mental wellbeing health and quality of life in general and whatever it takes to make a person happy and content within his environments. That's also applied on an organizational level and on a national level. So, would it being for an organization, would it be getting financial sustainability, for example, and so on? If we think of a specific value. On setting your question. I think integrity. And maybe this is a good chance to go back to the integrity.

[00:16:59] Integrity is very crucial because integrity serves every aspect of life. Every action driven by integrity is an action leading to better results. So, I would consider a wider umbrella wellbeing and then integrity a serving [00:17:17] or thing. What is it there for the others and what took care for the others? Why being happy and being content yourself.

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:17:25] Deep wisdom in your statements Dimah.

[00:17:28] Dimah, what do you hope the legacy will be in the future years? 

Dimah Al Sheikh: [00:17:34] I do hope that the community gets bigger and bigger with different elements and different focuses year after year. At the same time, maintain the baseline. What's the ties us together. What's brings us together as the common and shared purpose for all.

[00:17:52] At the same time, it's very important to intellectually and from knowledge perspective, share the best practices. I do hope that V20 will be the best platform to share what works first and to share also what didn't work at the same time do everyone will avoid repeating the other's mistakes, especially and driving a human centric, initiatives, and [00:18:18] projects that are for the aim of creating a global and national transformation.

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:18:24] Mandeep, do you have any further words that you would add to that? 

Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan: [00:18:29] When we speak about wellbeing, Dimah is right. That is our core focus because the world has been shaken and the individuals within it have been shook. There is a time for restoration. Almost rebuilding ourselves so that we not just come out stronger, indeed come out healthier versions of ourselves after this. 

[00:18:52] Then we would have done our job. I think that there's an element of compassion, forgiveness and empathy that really would serve us well, both for ourselves and for others, because in this pandemic, I've seen that almost that wheel, that rat race of striving further and further, harder, and harder from greater perfection or greater speed or greater everything.

[00:19:16] Hopefully the slow button has been pressed such that meaning. And when we talk about wellbeing and we're really talking about, as Dimah said, wellbeing in every facet of our lives, that can be there when we have a sense of care and compassion and forgiveness, and this sense of being together.

[00:19:36] There is not just greater or more or faster. Just simply that we're operating in a place that's really, to our core nourishing. 

Dr. Michelle St Jane: [00:19:47] Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan and Dimah Al Sheikh I really appreciate your interest in our global community and sharing the V20's unique contributions to values led life and leadership.

[00:20:00] Let's make it a conscious journey.  

Dimah Al Sheikh: [00:20:03] Thank you. 

Dr. Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan: [00:20:05] Yes. Thank you, Michelle, for hosting this, this has been a fantastic conversation.

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Dr. Michelle St Jane

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Dr Mandeep Kor Rai Dylan


A founding member of the V20, a global expert and connector on Values. an International Best-Selling Author of the Values Compass. Business Book Awards 2021 recipient in the category of Diversity equity and Inclusion. She is also an inductee of Thinkers50 Class of 2021
Global authority on values and author of The Values Compass: What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership.

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