April 28, 2021

The Values Economy | Alan and Sam Williams

The Values Economy | Alan and Sam Williams

In The Values Economy, the authors explain how the three primary influencers of Choice, Communication and Control have created a new paradigm the ‘Values Economy.’
Leaders of organizations can survive and thrive in this brave new world with employee engagement that inspires a premium customer experience. Have you established a sense of shared values with all of your stakeholders

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Alan and Sam have delved deeply into cases studies and bring examples to life on delivering purpose-driven service for sustained performance in your organization Their 2021 book ‘The Values Economy,’ is a brilliant example of intergenerational collaboration and insights around business success driven from a place of values.

How do you deliver purpose-driven service for sustained performance in your organization? 

Alan Williams believes, "Values-driven service for sustained performance.” 

Sam Williams considers, “Values are for living not laminating.”

Bullet Points

  • There’s a new paradigm rising referred to as the ‘Values Economy’.
  • Make a Wish – For the next decade you would like to see … Alan and Sam share their thoughts

Knowledge Bomb

  • The Nordstrom pivot: From bricks and mortar to online and curbside to provide a customer experience with excellence. 
  • Timpson: An enduring intergenerational family-owned business success story demonstrating ‘values led’ management. 

About the Guest

Alan Williamscoaches progressive leaders of service sector organizations, internationally and in the UK, to deliver values-driven service for sustained performance. He is a published author and speaker whose projects have delivered measurable business results across a balanced scorecard and been recognized with industry awards. 

Samuel Williams’current role, he works across the change management life cycle to deliver people- and technology-led business change. He is passionate about identifying the need for change, mapping out the path to benefit realization, and helping organizations to move from the outlined as-is state to an improved and more mature to-be state that improves efficiency and quality. His empathetic nature and strong social skills enable him to engage with a wide range of stakeholders to understand the unique nuances within organizations that influence their readiness for or resistance to change. 

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