April 14, 2021

The Betterment of Men & Societies with Secrets | Martin Weekes

The Betterment of Men & Societies with Secrets | Martin Weekes

Do you know an organization, centuries old, that shapes future leaders through being purpose driven, passion sharing and character building?

Where do find leadership, with centuries of proven success, that invests in character raising, purpose drive and passion shaping, for men?

Bullet Points

โ—        Freemasonry is a contributor to the voluntary sector.  It is an initiatory brotherhood. 

โ—        Bermuda’s first grand master was appointed in 1743

โ—        The Knights Templar are credited with starting the International Banking System with their encrypted Letter of Credit

โ—        Shriners help children in need by providing access to their hospitals and support for their families

Knowledge Bomb

โ—        Bermuda Masonry impact on the American Revolution (1775-1783) 

Bermuda was only a bystander until the war was going to affect Bermuda’s survival and trade interests.  August 14, 1775 100 kegs of gunpowder from the British arsenal lifted and rowed offshore to American ships. General George Washington (an American Master Mason) later wrote to Colonel Tucker (a Bermuda Mason) suggesting that the additional gunpowder from Bermuda may have been instrumental in the success of his war against the British. 

About the Guest
Martin P. Weekes, Secretary to Lodge St. George, first chartered 1797, and Marshall of the annual Peppercorn Ceremony. Martin is a proud “Shriner” and participates in the May 24th Bermuda day Parade each year. He is currently President of the Bermuda Shrine Club of Mecca Shriners in New York City and can be reached at bermudamason@gmail.com

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