Jan. 5, 2022

Rewilding Your Health 🥗 Reharnessing Your Energy⚡| Nicole Parsons

Rewilding Your Health 🥗 Reharnessing Your Energy⚡| Nicole Parsons

Join Nicole Parsons and I in conversation about how to
☮️ ReWild Your Health transformation
🧭 Metamorphose into the authentic expression of who you truly are, and
☮️ Reclaim your strong, vibrant, powerful, sexy, feminine body.

A great time to rewild your health. Awakening your body to its pain-free power so you can lean into your legacy. 

Nicole Parsons is passionate about supporting women leaders to find their personal path back to health and reclaim lost energy to create a massive impact in their life and business. 

About the Guest

Nicole Parsons is a Health Transformation Coach, Postural Alignment Specialist whose mission is to align women with the pain-free power of their bodies.

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Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey with Dr. Michelle St Jane

A podcast for Global and Re-Emerging Leadership creating community/tribe, a circle of influence, transcendency of compassionate leadership in the world and wider universe. A unique destination for learning about Leadership + Conscious Stewardship + Legacy.

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Intro: [00:00:00] You're listening to life and leadership, a conscious journey. The podcast that shares wisdom and strength. Join your host, Dr. Michelle St Jane's weekly conversation on how to have a positive impact for people, planet, and the wider world. If you want to live a life of intention, to be proactive with your time, and bring your vision for the future to life one today at a time you're in the right place at the right time, let's get started

Michelle St Jane: [00:00:38] Rewilding your health and rehearsing your energy. Today, I'm with Nicole Parsons, health transformation coach, and postural alignment specialist. We are going to talk on this subject, Why Nicole? She's worked with over 20,000 clients, worldwide awakening, and enabling women leaders to reclaim their health and become pain-free. In Nicole's exploration of mind and body systems, she studied the full spectrum of health from the biomechanical and structural to the esoteric and psychological. I really value that Nicole is passionate about supporting women leaders to find their personal path back to health and reclaim their lost energy. So, you can create their impact and your life and business.

Nicole, welcome to the episode. 

Nicole Parsons: [00:01:26] Michelle it’s just wonderful to be here. I'm really looking forward to us having a deep dive into this conversation. 

Michelle St Jane: [00:01:32] So did you get into this by choice or by chance? 

Nicole Parsons: [00:01:36] I've been very blessed that I have been on my path since I was 18 years old, that I have always known that I wanted to work in health.

I started via the very bio-mechanical, which is a sports rehabilitation and sports science degree. So that was when I was 18 to 22. Then I came out of university and I very quickly, I was working with the muscles and the pulleys and the levers, and I very quickly found that there was a person attached to these muscles.

I've been on a 22-year exploration of looking at what it means to be fully expressed, healthy human being, and that's encompassing the structural soft physical health, our aches, our pain, our back pain or shoulder pain, our neck pain, our psychological system and of course that encompasses our emotional and our spiritual being, and then our nourishment or how we nourish our body. Those three pillars of health have traveled through me in my studies and my passion for finding out more over the last 22 years, it's been on purpose all the way. 

Michelle St Jane: [00:02:50] Wow. That's fantastic. You know, I'm a veteran of those 60, 80, hundred-hour workweeks through the eighties, nineties, and early noughties it came to a full stop in previous decades.

I was shocked at the amount of pain I had gotten into. I had to own that I had really earned myself and to exhaustion and pain, but it was the norm. I mean, if you didn't keep up, you were out and  I just celebrate the fact that you can awaken us, especially women leaders. We could have a pain-free body.

I mean, that's fantastic. And then you also work around redirecting lost energy into living your soul's purpose. Can you talk to that?

Nicole Parsons: [00:03:32] Michelle. You know, when I hear your story, it cracks my heart open. It's my story too because even though I've been passionate about what I do and on purpose, and I've been an entrepreneur for the last 17 years running my own business, guess what?  I wasn't incorporated, nobody was telling me to work those 80-hour weeks, but I was doing it, driven by this, fueled by this passion, and ran myself to burnout.

I earned that burnout as well, so when we see our stories, it is such a common story for women and I say this in the most respectful way, but it is women living in a patriarchal society that asks us to use our masculine energy and achieve in the world, in the same way, that men do. 

Now, all of us have masculine and feminine energy. It doesn't matter whether you're in a man body or a woman's body, we all have masculine and feminine energy. Men using their masculine energy to achieve in the world is one way of doing things that is more in line with them. For women, for me, this is about women finding, reconnecting to that feminine energy, and still using the structure of the masculine, but actually not pushing our bodies.

Not pushing our bodies into burnout, not pushing our bodies into the breakdown to achieve what we need to achieve, and actually finding this way of working through flow and the feminine and through our soul to achieve more than we ever could by pushing that boulder up the hill, the boulder that every time we push it up the hill, it slides back down again.

Michelle St Jane: [00:05:24] Oh, definitely. I've had my full experience with the assessment experience and the boulder usually rolls right over me.  I often pondered, when I was working in the corporate world, I desperately needed a mother and a wife and a nanny and a house cleaner. Because the blokes all had that they didn't have to worry about that. They didn’t have to worry about getting to dentist appointments and things like that. They quickly got a wife who was efficient and sufficed for their needs and she went into the work of the wife incorporated, but if you're a high performing woman, that's not necessarily the case, but it is also quite seductive to submerge yourself and type personality traits to compete. 

If you're the primary breadwinner, and like myself, you've got daughters, you want to ensure they get their education and their opportunities, and both my daughters are very successful now. I take a lot of pride in seeing how much they enjoy their work and can lean into what they would like to do at a much earlier age than I did.

You had to fit in the man's world, but you didn't necessarily have the choice about leaning into your feminine, particularly if you wanted to compete and I found out very early in fact, around the turn of the century, around 2003, I stepped out of the corporate world and started a social enterprise, delivering the same services, making a difference, and having a triple bottom line.

I was much, much happier, but with the pandemic pauses last year, I was like, I don't want to go into an office. I don't want to go on an airplane. I just felt so blessed I could sit still and meditate and pray and walk the beach and live very humbly and willingly. Yeah, but you take us even further because we could be paying for premiums, get that misdirected or lose energy back.

How would you go about doing this alignment? 

Nicole Parsons: [00:07:19] Absolutely. It's a beautiful story, Michelle, of your transition, where you have lent into your feminine and where you have lent into your soul's purpose, where you have found a different way of being in the world. What I see is that talking about pandemics, we are seeing an epidemic of women who have gone through that.

The years in the eighties, nineties noughties, where this was the predominant mindset and how the only way to get ahead. What I'm seeing is it is now women 40 up to 60 who are just burnt out and they've worked so hard. They've put everything, they've put every ounce of their being into the success and the achievement, but that success and that achievement haven't actually given them the peace and the contentment and the fulfillment that they imagined that it would when they started running up that hill or running up that ladder.

Where my soul's purpose has come through is working with these women to first of all, just understand where they are. So, it's a roadmap. So, reclaiming their health, reclaiming from burnout, from exhaustion, from lack of energy, from imbalanced hormones, from weight gain because of the exhaustion and the burnout and the imbalanced hormones and this disconnection from their bodies.

When you are running at that pace and working at that intensity, you cannot be listening to your body, even if it's screaming at you. You've got things to do. Plates that need to be spun, and you've got to keep spinning those plates. So, our body gets pushed down and this amazing connection that we have with our mind-body system gets turned down.

So, it's, first of all, understanding where they are in this roadmap. Like, how did I get here? We've just covered a couple of the points of that journey and then it's finding their personal path. So, the way that I bring health coaching to these women is in the fundamental principles of their mindset, their movement.

I call it nourishment because I much prefer the word nourishment to nutrition. Nutrition to me is what supplements should I take? But I'm talking about how do we nourish our bodies?  and that then feeds back into actually, how do we nourish ourselves through food? How do we nourish ourselves emotionally, how to nourish ourselves through self-care? How do we nourish our bodies through movement? 

It's using those three pillars of health and the roadmap is, first of all, to know where I am. So, I'll take each pillar at a time. The first pillar, if we take the physical structural because as you said, after all those hours and years of just pushing our body into exhaustion, there is always physical pain and it can be, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, are the highest prevalent ones, because it's been sitting at desks.

It can be pain anywhere in the body and it's actually, our body has been speaking to us in whispers, but we've not been hearing it. Then the body has had to speak louder and speak louder, and now it's shouting, and it has our attention. So, in that sphere, it's about going back to what are the fundamental principles of our musculoskeletal system.

For me, the foundation of our physical health and being pain-free is our posture. So, by understanding that we have a human blueprint in our musculoskeletal system, that hasn't changed for 2 million years because it's so well designed. It's not broken, it's not weak. It's just a mismatch for the environment it finds itself in. 

Once we understand what the human blueprint is, I then map that women's individual postures like, okay, how has your intelligent body found the best solution it can for the stress it's been under for your medical injuries, impact injuries, surgeries, all of that history that's brought you to where you are.

Once we know where we are with our posture. I then use a system called The Egoscue Method, which is postural realignment therapy. It is a self-empowerment system. So, I never fix anybody. I teach them about the system of their body. I look at the root cause of what their pain is and help them to understand the root cause of their pain, which is just spoiler alert, is generally not where the pain is or almost never where the pain is

The pain is so we do the detective work to find out what the root cause of their pain is, how their body is imbalanced. I give them specific individualized exercises to do at home.  This is where self-empowerment comes in. They get to reset their own body, get those brain-to-muscle pathways to reset, and it's bare simple exercises that you can do at home with very little equipment. They probably look a little bit like yoga, but it's just a system that's used in a slightly different way. So, through resetting their body through exercise, to understanding, we go through the process of turning back into and listening to the communication that had to be turned up so loud that it was a scream in the body. As they go back doing step by step-by-step process of progressive exercises to reset their body back to natural alignment, through that process they become pain-free because guess what? The pain is just a signal or an indication that the system is out of balance.

So, we rebalance the system, we become pain-free, which is point 1, but then we gain the natural resilience of our body. So we have a strong body that was designed well that when it's in balance and working in its natural alignment, we are flexible and strong and we enjoy exercise because it feels good because when we are in alignment, we move towards exercise naturally because it doesn't hurt because a lot of the time we beat ourselves over the back because we say I should be more motivated, but actually when you go to exercise, it hurts. That's your body telling you that there's something that needs to be reset first. So, we get those foundations set with the posture. 

Then with the nourishment aspect, I’m a huge advocate of root cause resolution.

So, we've gone to the root cause of the physical pain with the posture,  now with our imbalances within our body, and that can be weight gain, energy, lack of energy, hormonal imbalances auto-immune issues, the gut, and what's held within our gut, which is called the microbiome is the root of our health.

So, the micro gut biome has become, there's a huge amount of research over the last decade that is coming to the fore and it's starting to really have some great foundations. It's showing us that when our gut microbiome is out of balance, we have inflammation in the body. We have something called a leaky gut, which means that the particles inside the gut get into our system, and then our immune system locks onto them. That's where autoimmune issues can come from. It's very hard for us to lose weight. All of these and our hormones are out of balance. So, by actually resetting the gut microbiome, we then bring our body back into balance and we reduce inflammation where we lose weight more easily. Our hormones are back in balance and again, we've got that power center back online again. 

Also, with our serotonin is produced in the gut. Melatonin is produced in the gut. Dopamine is also produced in the gut, so all of our feel-good hormones and also the thing that helps us sleep well because sleep is one of the biggest allies in our health, all starts to function better. What I do is I take my clients through a 21-day gut microbiome reset program, which has a vegan plant-based supplement to reset that system. Really, we should start here cause it's the seat of everything. It’s our mindset, psychological system, emotional systems, spiritual systems. So, all of those come into the same category because they are all interlinked. 

What I look at here is how our psychological system works. So, this is about again, understanding the system. We have been in a misunderstanding of how our psychology or emotions work, in that we have a misunderstanding about how our experience is created and who we truly are.

When we understand any system better, things work better and we understand all of the functions in our car, rather than just knowing the gearbox, we know we've got Bluetooth and sat-nav for all of these functions. Then we can get more performance out of it. So, it's actually helping people to reset their psychological system, understand how it works, allow it because it is a self-correcting system to come back to its natural state.

So, from that natural state, we are then plugged in, tapped into our wisdom our insights, our guidance. From that place, we navigate the world, our health, and our life from a much more enriched place. We always move towards health rather than getting in our own way, quite simply.

So, the rewilding is actually a reclaiming of everything that is natural in our system. We have a musculoskeletal, we have a body that works beautifully. Let's reset that system. We have a microbiome that serves us deeply, let's reset and reclaim that system. We actually have a wonderful psychological system that works really well.

It just gets very misappropriated in our modern environment, and when we reclaim what is our ecosystem of us as a whole being, then we can come back to plug ourselves back into our power, our energy, and from that place, we can really then redirect all of that lost energy that is being siphoned off in pain, in low energy, in hormone imbalance into what is our passion.

With these women who have been leaders in their lives and achieved so much, resetting them back to this place of balance within themselves in their soul. They then get to come back into the world, leaning into that feminine leadership, which is powerful and strong and flows with life and is nurturing.

For me, I am not speaking against the masculine. We must have balance with masculine and feminine in everything in our world and our bodies within ourselves. But what I'm speaking to is at this time on the planet, the feminine coming into its power leadership in that nurturing regenerative connected way.

So, we are about connecting, collaborating interdependence and regeneration is something that is so needed and so important. So, for me to be able to look at the health aspect of these women's lives and plug them back in and make them self-sufficient. Then it's just like plugging the battery in and letting them out into the world to go shine their lights in whatever their soul, their individual unique difference that they're going to make. When they're on the floor with low energy and in pain and just don't feel good in their body and are not confident in their body and not confident in themselves, they aren't able to give all of that to the world, and  that is such a gift, 

Michelle St Jane: [00:20:19] A lot of wisdom in those words, Nicole, and it particularly resonates with me because I've gone 61.

If I look at my stats and where I am, I could live to 130, and if that. The pace with God-like technology and, and a healthy lifestyle, the quantity is not what calls me, it's the quality of life and, and being able to resolve pain and energy issues are so important. I feel like I've spent a lot of years contributing to the world's knowledge base, to mentoring and sustaining regenerative leadership.

Now I would like to lean into my feminine and lean into my best life where I can just be in my being, as opposed to being, in the doing. So, I think in terms of the longevity and longevity economy, you've got a fabulous niche there. I just resonate with rewilding. I'm quite happy to get back to my wilds and let loose all of those conditioned ways of being and doing that don't serve me and to release that and get into my sort of deeper wisdom and presence in the world which will have a much more valuable resonance than the way I've been living previously. 

So, it's a choice point with the right information, we can head it in the right direction. I love how you speak about resetting your Satnav. So fabulous. Can you talk to me, I'd like to just celebrate your work. What can the listeners learn about you and how can they get in touch and what's coming up that you'd like to share? 

Nicole Parsons: [00:22:02] Wonderful. Thank you so much, Michelle. For me, that little juicy bit of the rewilding is really getting in touch with our wild self as women.

Just when you say that  I can't speak to that because wild gets such bad press. It's like it’s out of control or inappropriate or crazy, but we're talking about the natural earthy root of our wildness as women, which really grounds us. The wildness is going down into our body and into the earth and into nature, into that wild aspect of ourselves.

That is another power source for women, that when they are plugged into that force of nature, that's what we're looking for. Women who are a force of nature, doing their soul’s work, plugged into their power within the world. Thank you for the opportunity to just celebrate what I'm doing at the moment.

I feel so blessed and I have so much gratitude for my journey that has brought me to this soul's work, which is specifically working with women in this health from reenergizing them and bringing them back into their sole purpose. The way that I'm working with women at the moment is I have two spaces left on my six-month Rewild Your Health Program, which is for women who want to, they are all in. They see that their health is the thing that is not serving them and is holding them back from their purpose and they want to be guided through this process and they want to be empowered.

I work with them over the six-month period, one-to-one and we work on the movement, the mindset, and the nourishment. They reset all of their systems and they go away with a self-care system, but they can look after their body for the next 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 years, because absolutely, it's not about lifespan, it's about healthspan. 

I'm really enjoying that work. The other part of the way that I engage with people is I have a three-month group program, which is a small group for 10 women maximum because again, it's still a container that is very personal and intimate and the women get to interact with each other as well as interacting with me. It's actually lovely because they learn from each other. So, there's another aspect to that group coaching that is really beautiful. I'm taking enrollment for that at the moment.  

The best way to reach out to me is via email. Email is Nicole@NicoleParsons.co.uk. Then I would love to offer to anyone who's listening to this a one-hour discovery call, and that is where you will get real value. You will get clarity on your health. You'll get clarity on your health path and what your health blocks are and then what is a great way forward for you. 

You can reach out by email, and I can get you booked in for that. I'm also on social media. My main platforms are Facebook and it's, Nicole Parsons on Facebook and “Rewild Your Health” is my group. So, I have a Facebook group and a Facebook page. I think all the details will be in the show notes, so I won't go through all those and then also on Instagram as well. So, it's, rewilds your health. So, I'm on Facebook on Instagram or reach out to me via email, my website is actually just being re-reskinned and re-rewilded at the moment.

So, I'll direct people to that at a later date. 

Michelle St Jane: [00:25:50] Thank you and Nicole, I just so value the work that you bring to the world because after all, health is your first wealth in sleep is your superpower. We have so much more to give the world by our presence and serving our sole purpose. So, thank you for being here today.

Nicole Parsons: [00:26:07] Oh it’s been such a joy I've really loved our conversation. And thank you so much for having me,

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Dr. Michelle St Jane

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Nicole Parsons

Transformational Health and Wellness Coach and Postural Alignment Specialist

Nicole Parsons is a Transformational Health Coach and Postural Alignment Specialist with 22 years of experience working in the Health and Wellness industry and 17 years as an entrepreneur. Since graduating with a Sport Science and Sport Rehabilitation degree she has worked with over 20,000 clients worldwide enabling them to reclaim their health and become pain free. In her exploration of our Mind Body system she has studied the full spectrum of health from the biomechanical and structural to the esoteric and psychological. She is passionate about supporting women leaders to find their personal path back to health and reclaim lost energy to create massive impact in their life and business.