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Human Design and Gene Keys

This was a wonderful show explaining Human Design and The Gene Keys- how they intersect and the wonderful information that we can find out about ourselves and our journey in the world. Absolutely fascinating!

Great show for leaders

Michelle is a great hosts and leads conversations that really make you challenge your way of thinking. It’s a must listen!! -Valerie, Future-Proof Career podcast


I enjoyed the episode with Ralph Richardson. I loved this comment a “Most of the things in life pale in comparison to relationships.” Thank you for creating a space to tell stories and allow for creative thinking!

We Can Choose to Live Consciously

Uplifiting - Michelle focuses on the wisdom within each of us and how to find our inner strength.

Leading by Example

Love the concept of how the most significant legacy is through positively impacting the lives of others. It makes you think how broad your hug could be from the chain reaction!