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Radiating Gifts > Accumulating Gifts

Radiating Gifts > Accumulating Gifts

David Foster, master coach, has dedicated his life to being a present parent, creating a loving family unit and inspiring people all over the world connect with themselves and their families.
Bullet Points
● David’s journey into fatherhood and moments of heart-to-heart connection [David Foster 8:39]
● David’s Secret Dream: The story of how he wrote the book “Where’s Dad?” and came up with the cool cover [David Foster 11:37, 18:23]
● The new norm of 'here's dad!’ [David Foster 16:20]
● David’s firm and healthy boundary balancing work time and family time [David Foster 22:41]
● Ever had an entrepreneurial seizure – The Joys of your own business [David Foster 34:43]
Knowledge Bomb
• Learning how to give Yourself permission to be Yourself and create from that place
[David Foster 33:43]
• David shares the first five chapters of his book, Where’s Dad? For free visit: or email David directly
• Book: The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

Here’s a conversation built up around Your being in Your Inner World and Your Outer World as you navigate a conscious journey through this season of Giving.  The focus is on how You are the Gift and Your Unique Gifts are the Present in the Presence. 

Bullet Points

  • Building an inner Sanctuary [Michelle St Jane  1:47]
  • Quantum physics and the observer effect Michelle St Jane  25:53]
  • Noticing your internal dialogue, your internal thoughts [Michelle St Jane  26:34]  
  •   Emotional Contagion [Michelle St Jane  1:47]   
  • Toxic memories  [Michelle St Jane  12:29]

Knowledge Bombs

  • “Your Habits generate more habits – they breed like rabbits!” [Michelle St Jane  5:53]


  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, 2013 by Dr. Joe Dispenza [Michelle St Jane  6:09]
  • The Science of Self-Empowerment: Awakening the New Human, 2019 by Greg Braden [Michelle St Jane  7:56]
  • The More beautiful World Our Hearts know is Possible 2013 by Charles Einstein [Michelle St Jane  14:55]
  • The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms, 2019 by Vishen Lakhiani [Michelle St Jane  18:23]
  •  The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound, 2015 by Chloë Goodchild [Michelle St Jane  20:22]
  • Check out a wellbeing APP released by The Center for Healthy Minds

About the Host Dr. Michelle St Jane

  • Dr. Michelle St Jane has had 4 careers as highly skilled international lawyer, in philanthropy (corporate & individual living & leaving a legacy); mediation (corporate peacemaker, employment, human rights), & historical researcher (17th-19th century globalization of secret societies and voluntary associations).

About the Show

Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey with Michelle St Jane

A podcast for Global and Re-Emerging Leadership creating a circle of influence, transcendency of compassionate leadership in the world and wider universe. A unique destination for learning about Leadership + Conscious Stewardship + Legacy.

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Book Stewardship: choose service over self interest. Peter Block 1983/2013

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Michelle St Jane  0:01  

Welcome to Life and Leadership. I believe in creating community and actions and creating space to be curious. This podcast aims to take you on a conscious journey to quality, diverse, innovative content in a conversation. My hope is that we create a circle of influence, a transcendent sea of compassionate leadership in the world and wider Universe.


I've been thinking about radiating gifts and accumulating gifts. Have you? This the season!

Choose Are you radiating your gifts? Are you accumulating more gifts?


There are times to shake off the old way of knowing. Times to generate habits that enhance your wellbeing and your presence in the world. There are times when building an inner sanctuary is wise. 


Your thoughts create your state of being and are even reflected in your heart rhythms. There are seasons and reasons to Life and Leadership. 


Quarterly nature switches up our environment. Annually life has lived lead and learning-ful. Lifetimes in longevity, equate to a legacy both in person and digitally. Consider what story are you telling yourself? Your story is your future? Will it span your past and bridge your time ahead? 


Decide to take action.  Create the physiology that supports you. Being uniquely you! No matter the season, the reason or what's happening in your lifetime. 


If this piques your interest, join this conversation. Cultivate the internal thoughts and story that nourish and support you. 


Did you know we catch the emotions of the people around us?  Just like we catch a cold you are exposed to Emotional Contagion. Let's build an inner sanctuary that supports life, your life inspired by purpose. 


Explore what is truly meaningful for you. Inspiration leads the way forward. Discover the joy of being the gift resonating in the world serving others. Finding your deep sense of passion and energy and making your contribution to a life well lived on a conscious journey of life and leadership.


Welcome to this episode of Life and Leadership. It contains ideas influenced by many deep thinkers and my opinions around our complex selves. You are the gift. This is a call to radiate your gifts versus accumulating gifts. Your Presence brings yourself into peace, onto the unchanging ground of consciousness. You’re on a conscious journey. A path of expanding joyful awareness is in Life and Leadership. 


This episode focuses on the importance of following your call to walk your conscious path.  You are the gift of radiating versus the gift of accumulating. As the lyrics of the song “Living in the Material World” by George Harrison tell us. George contrasts the world of spiritual concerns against material things. 


There is such a clarion call in the world to give, give, give do, do, do. Leaving us with little time to be in your own being. On this conscious journey the emphasis is on you, on a journey of being uniquely you and radiating your gifts. This experience is based on your intention from your inside-out, because it will require all of your attention from the outside-in and a willingness to move into the space of no tension. 


Your life aspirations, challenges, circumstances, gifts and talents contribute to your calling, you’re learning and influence on others. Your courage, inspiration, story and intuition are your superpowers and tied to your genius. Dare yourself to travel more deeply into what gifts you are here to birth into this time. And this world. 


One way to invest, is to take a safari, of self and spirit. I suggest constructing your own inner sanctuary. There's a foundation, anchored by four columns. 


The four columns are made up of your body, heart, mind and your soul. A top of the columns sets the roof garden. For me my roof garden is where I contemplate meditate. Pray, and do yoga. Let's start with the foundation.  The first layer a terrace, 9 stories high, begins with a pile of dirt. 


Do you nourish your body and heart? Toil, the soil of your mind? Enrich the soil of your soul self? Everything, because energetic, energy is the foundation we find in our physical world, the physical world being a very limited term, including yourself. 


Do you take 100% accountability for being of service and making a contribution in the world? Do you shake off the old ways of being that include blaming complaining, shaming, either yourself or others? Be response-able add structure to the future, make actions and outcomes possible? They may tell you; your habits generate more habits; they breed like rabbits. Do you generate habits that enhance your wellbeing and presence in the world? If not, do you know where you need to improve? 


Author, speaker and researcher Dr. Joe Dispenza, has written a book called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” This is an insightful book about your mind, neuroscience, epigenetics, meditation, quantum entanglement.  He writes, you have the ability to change your mind, no matter what the circumstances or environment.  You find yourself and use your powerful abilities, setting your intentions paying mindful attention.  The brain cannot differentiate between the internal world and the external environment. 


Let's head to the first of the four pillars: your body.  

·      Your body houses your subconscious mind, it runs on automatic and autonomous processes.

·      Your body constantly replenishes itself in many ways. 


Did you know your DNA repairs and rejuvenate itself every two weeks?  Annually your brain rejuvenate itself. Bones, muscles, organs, all have a cyclic period.  Every organ can repair itself. The key is having the right environment for the repair to take place. 


Your internal environment needs nourishment. The highest quality nutrition and hydration at the right time in sufficient quantities. Your external environment needs fresh clean outside air, sunshine, and be toxic-free.  Your energetic environment, this comprises of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. 


Did you know your thoughts create your state of being?  In genetics they reprogram your DNA. In nature, these boundaries do not exist. Take cellular intelligence, the genome cells can become young, younger, regardless of chronological age. In his book, Gregg Braden wrote about being human by design. The book is called “The Science of Self-Empowerment: Awakening the New Human.” Braden focused on advanced awareness, longevity, and the potential of our extraordinary lives. He explores the cutting edges of spirituality and science.


Moving on to the next column, the heart.  The human heart, often narrowly seen as a mechanical muscle circulating blood around the body in Western traditions.  In contrast, in yoga and Tantra for example, seek to see, the heart is part of a larger system of energy involved in both your physical and energetic dimensions of your body-mind. 


In fact, today, we know that your heart has broadcasting abilities. Your heart is independent and perceptive. Your heart has a capacity for intuitive knowing and can create subtle connections with other people in life in general. 


Let me tell you some more. Did you know that you have heart intelligence? There is this wildness of your heart within you. Recent science shows us that the brain receives many more instructions from your heart and that your heart is influenced by your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Heart intelligence researchers have discovered neurons independent of the brain. It's estimated that there are more than 40,000 specialized neuron cells in the human heart.  We're talking sensory, neurite brain-like cells in the heart, that function in a similar capacity to the brain. 


These sensory neuron cells think. Yes, they have their own logic and send messages to the brain. Your brain not only understands but obeys these signals. The sensory neurite cells feel and remember independently of the brain. Let me read repeat this important part 

the heart can independently learn, remember feel since make functional decisions without the involvement of the brain.” I'll pop the research papers in the show notes for you to have a look at. 


Moreover, and very exciting, the hearts electromagnetic field, according to the Institute of HeartMath, is on the cutting edge of heart-brain science. They tell us the most powerful and most extensive one in your body is the heart electromagnetic field.  It is the most powerful and most extensive one in your body. It's 5000 times stronger than the electromagnetic field of your brain. 


Even more intriguing, HeartMath researchers have evidenced that the hearts electromagnetic field can transmit information between people up to five feet apart. Imagine the effect on your social relationships.  The impact of social distancing on our complex selves. 


I'm excited to share with you the heart has intuitive perception.  The heart actually appears to be involved in processing and decoding of intuitive information. The hearts electromagnetic field turns out to be directly involved in intuitive perception through its coupling with the energetic information field that resides beyond the boundaries of space and time. The heart appears to receive this intuitive information before your brain does, without your intention and your attention. 


Your past will influence your future. You are your memories. What are memories? Well, they're made up of past actions, behaviors, emotional reactions, experiences of people’s habits.  Yes, those pesty habits.  Thoughts and toxic memories are recycling through your subconscious. Kind of like the old Goldie movies on automatic rerun. 


Subconsciously, you're constantly reliving your past. It's even encoded in the chemical records of those 40,000 sensory neuron heart cells. 


So how to make a heart shift? How to harmonize your cells in your heart with your brain? HeartMath researchers refer to this as creating heart-brain coherence. 


Heart coherent patterns are driven by positive emotions. Think love, hope, peace, better attunement to others. This is one method to construct a new future for yourself. Perhaps journal, ask yourself what are you thinking consciously or unconsciously each day? Do an internal audit. Review your internal world, your inner world.  Are your internal thoughts and your internal feelings focused on raising your human spirit? 


HeartMath researchers have validated what is happening and home in on what works. 

One tip, they emphasize: the importance of breathing from the heart. 

We are instinctually hardwired to a subconscious psyche. 


Intuition builds from inner and outer influences, energy vibes in the moment.

40,000 heart cells are connected to a field that's always informing us. 

What is true in the moment for us.

Feeling what is okay subconsciously in the environment, and many other factors. This is not collective information tied to instinct. 


So how do you listen to your heart? Well, be careful, speak truthfully and honestly. Avoid using the voice of your critical parent or the voice of your fearful ego voice. It all comes down to how you interpret these messages from your heart. 


Charles Einstein has written a series of 12 books His second book, which is called “The More Beautiful World, Our Heart Knows is Possible.” He has made a thought-provoking call to the heart of all, of the interconnectivity of humanity in these times of economic and social crises. Einstein is raising our deep wisdom and conscious stewardship to go forward to create a more beautiful world, as our hearts know is possible. As Confucius once said, wherever you go, go with all your heart.


Moving on to the third column, your mind.  Robert Browning once said, “measure your minds height by the shade it casts.” As mentioned earlier, your brain state helps with your psychic healing. Your mind is a product of your consciousness.  Paying mindful attention to your past becomes your default blueprint for producing your future. As mentioned, you are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are not you, but your thoughts can and will create your reality. Consider your thought management. The latest research supports this notion, your natural ability to change the brain by thoughts alone.


Neurology tells us that when boats are rocked by various societal and ecological systems our life and leadership in thought management becomes really critical. Consider how to get rid of words that makes someone else wrong. Give yourself that gift of becoming self-aware and manage your thinking emotions in action. This is important because these impacts your body environment in time. 


Why does management around thought hygiene have a big payoff? Changing your thinking, action and emotions creates new neurological connections, and your new neurological chemical self. So how do you do this? Have an attitude of gratitude. Expect the unexpected. Choose your preferred future reality? See it, smell it, live it, and be thankful for it as if it's already happening. The energy energizes the quantum field and triggers an energetic response in the universal consciousness about what your new future looks like.


I have another tip. This one's around music. I find there are times when listening to music stops the draining energy of exhaustion. Music can be rather like an energetic mind food. 


Your internal story is your future. Your bio engineering yourself. Are you invested in a healthy mind, a resilient mind, a purposeful mind?  Then you can rewrite your internal story. Make it a great one based on your vision and values. 


Did you know you are not your thought? And your thoughts are not you.  But they can create your reality? More recent research supports the notion that we have a natural ability to change our body through thought alone. Vision Lakhani has written a blueprint of laws to break free from the shackles of your mind. His book, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” came out in 2019. He shares stories of some of the greatest nonconformists’ minds of our era. 


Consider what your internal story is telling you about yourself. Is this an internal story, your story for the future? You are bio engineering yourself. 

·      Are you interested in a healthy mind? A resilient mind? A lively mind? 

·      What's your self-talk like? 

·      What's your internal story? 


Don't like it, rewrite your internal story. Make it one based on your vision and values. Optimize the system of your human body and harmonize with natural systems that are good for you. If this area is a struggle for you, there may be an answer in ancient wisdom traditions. They believe that music was powerful, influential, and healing. 


More recently, the development of neuroscience and information science has evolved into a new discipline, neuro musicology.  Neuro musicology is devoted to the measurement of real-time processes in the human brain around perceiving and creating sound. Research in neurmusicology shows that there is an emotional shift, physical study, monitoring the brain shows that lights up when subject is sound and song. 


Chloe Goodchild, an international singer, innovatory educator, voice pioneer and author is dedicated to the realization of compassionate communication. Chloe says and I quote, “in all realms of human life,” she is in service towards “creating a new language of consciousness, one through which your most authentic voice can be heard. With a raw honesty of your true feelings can be discovered, expressed and explored. I always suggest working at the vibrational field of consciousness, different modes of music, open up different energy within honor your feelings open up.” She says, one technique for those times when you're feeling down, is to sing.  Turn those feelings into sounds and lyrics. Really hear the nobility of the depression. Let it become a wonderful song, something yet unnamed. It's actually faster than talking about an issue. She recommend sing for 30 minutes and you'll feel much better for it. I suggest checking out her book “My Naked Voice: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Sound.”


The fourth pillar, your soul.

The great Sufi poet Rumi wrote, “your soul is here for its own joy. Your soul is unique, your joyful soul-self has its own gifts and talents.” Richard Barrett, a recently featured guest succinctly puts it when he said, “you don't have a soul, you are a soul.” 


Barrett goes on to tell us our soul has three purposes in the 3D world:

·       First, to share your unique gifts through your soul’s self-expression

·       Second, to connect with other souls. 

·       Third, to make a contribution. Imagine the potential of living in those three. 


Think about 

·      What makes you feel joy? 

·      What brings delight to your life? 

·      How would you finish this sentence? 

·      I feel happy when …..? 


Bring to mind a cherished moment. Perhaps the birth of a child or climbing to the peak of a mountain? 

Can you feel the energy? 

How can you share that energy of being in a cherished moment with the world? 


Align your beliefs, behaviors, visions, values, with your attentions, actions, and your body's thought, your mind results and outcome. The third pillar your soul best liberates the Lightness of Being within you and expresses your passionate soul. 


Let’s create a deep encounter with your inner self. 

Let's invest in a healthier relationship with your soul. 

·      Think through how you will nurture your soul? 

·      Think through how will you listen to that deep voice within the voice of longing and respond to the core of your soul. 

·      Think how you will shift into more conscious self-expression. 


Above these four columns of body, mind, heart, and soul sets the rooftop garden. 

This is my place of contemplation prayer, yoga meditation. It may be where you enjoy the challenge of finding your wisdom voice. Then think speak and bring your gifts into the world. 


Become conscious of your power to self-regulate. Learn to:

·      Explore, transform your emotions

·      Explore and accept your ability to heal yourself

·      Explore and acknowledge your resilience

·      Explore and engage in your deep intuition. 


You can open up your inner resources for healing, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation and understanding. As you awaken to the new ways to express yourself more freely, consciously and compassionately you come home to yourself on this conscious journey of life and leadership. 


Listen to the quality of the silence. This is where you meet yourself. 

Witness yourself. Observe you, talk to you hear that quiet voice within. Some refer to it as intuition or higher power. 


Take the blinders off and the earmuffs. Really see and hear your conditioned self and your unconditioned self. Observe your internal thoughts, your way of thinking, and understanding yourself.  Replace this with insightfulness upgrade. 


Why is this important? 

The physical world, again such a limited-term, is made up of both particles, think physical matter and waves, think energy.  What you notice is conditional on the mind of your witness. 


Quantum physicists observed that by witnessing or measuring tiny particles that makeup atoms, you can affect the behavior of energy and matter. This is also known as the observer effect.  Your mind or literally affects your world.


In terms of codes of conscious leadership, awaken your Attention. Attention is a selective action of interpretation of what you perceive. Most of us are conditioned to see from a materialistic and demanding point of view. Of what is a perfect life, perfect career, what a perfect journey is like. 


I challenge you to begin to notice.  Use your skill of mindful attention. 

·      What are you noticing? 

·      What is coming up in your internal dialogue? 

·      What is coming up in your internal thoughts does it align with your intentions, your values, make a conscious choice. 


Consider these thoughts, which are actually visitors as our feelings. Just welcome them like you would a visitor. Consider the message. release these thoughts and feelings to move on. Then shift your perspective. 


Prioritize self-care.  Create a sacred space, like the inner sanctuary that I described earlier. 

Be selective. You can choose the impact of your internal visitors. Remember thoughts and feelings are passing through like visitors? 


Focus on your need for revitalization and never resist? 

·      Only then can you openly give and receive the joy of the journey and cultivating loving relationships. 

·      Only then, can you be open to new connections. 


Resist the call of semi-isolation. Resist the siren call of screen time replacing social time. Resist the breakdown of boundaries, of being self-absorbed and isolated. 


Do nurture the seeds of mindful intention and mindful attention. Include everything. Including this means energy responds to your mindful intention and your mindful attention. 

Consciously, you create the path for your conscious journey of infinite possibilities. 


The world is waiting for someone just like you and your intentions based on a vision for life's possibilities. As we walk this conscious journey, ask, 

·      How can I help? 

·      How can I be a service? 

·      How can I make a contribution? 


At the deepest levels, we all share the same universal values. One major one that's been coming up very hotly has been inclusion.  Inclusion can be a powerful tool for the greater good. 

·      Can you allow new voices a seat at the table? 

·      Can you illuminate new voices? 


Equity issues remain stubbornly difficult to solve. 

·      How can you expand your consciousness? 

·      How can you bring a loving presence, an attitude of gratitude, into any situation?


Even when words are unspoken, there is tremendous security knowing the offer of help is always there. Here's where the healing begins. When you can see mutual helping you be a vision of peaceful awareness. Others will see the joy you gain from service.  Being an example of the change. 

Ask yourself 

·      How can I join a group of like-minded people and share my truth? 

·      Maybe radiating your gifts as opposed to accumulating gifts? 

·      Consider how can you radiate prosperity? 

·      How can you radiate a pure spiritual being? 

·      How can you radiate being a service? 

·      How can you radiate contribution, the path exists totally in your consciousness? 

As your consciousness expands, obstacles will fall away. 

American writer Henry David Thoreau once said, “what lies behind us and what lies before us as small matters compared to what lies within us.” When we bring this out into the open, miracles can and do occur. 


If this kind of conversation appeals to you, reach out to me on LinkedIn, or Facebook, whatever social media you would like message me.  I would look forward to talking to you further.  


Feel free to leave a review, rate, and to share. Thank you. 

As a student of meaningful leadership in the world, and wider cosmos, I have a passion for service through sharing wisdom, dream, and hope. Thank you for the opportunity to foster open conversation, discussions, and an exchange of ideas that create understanding and connection among diverse groups. Your support is valued. Please subscribe, leave a review and a rating. For, more importantly, share with your connections. Thank you.



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Reach out.  I am interested, do you have a topic you'd like to explore? It would be great to have your feedback.

Dr. Michelle St Jane

Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey 





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