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Feb. 18, 2021

Online Dating: The Deep Dive, Hazards, and Risks | Kate Hames

Online Dating: The Deep Dive, Hazards, and Risks | Kate Hames

Online Dating Risks
○ Technology and Privacy (timestamp 2:18)
○ Time and the Economic (timestamp 3:55)
○ Physical Harm (timestamp 6:37)
○ Romance Scams (timestamp 19:08 & 22:49)
○ Sexually Explicit Messages or Images AKA Dick Picks (timestamp 19:32)
○ Harassment (timestamp 20:21)
○ Security, Societal Expectations, and the Professionalize Wife Cycle (timestamp 23:28)

You need to incorporate the potential risks and not underestimate the chanciness of love. Hazard a walk down the path of how we might be smarter and safer traveling around the landscape of the love market with me @Michelle St Jane.

Bullet Points

  • Online Dating Risks, Romance Scams and more 
  • Virtual Dating  
  • Is 3 a crowd? Some think not, or some do not know. 

Knowledge Bomb

  • Dating sites fee based or free based debate. Check out why this is important to your safety (timestamp 16:14).  Match undertook in 2011, to the California Attorney General's Office then led by the current VP of America Kamala Harris, to identify sex offenders and check registries, to respond to user’s rape complaints and Institute and abuse reporting system.  

About the Guest
Kate Hames is an actor, singer, vlogger, podcaster and writer. She is also a rape survivor who uses her traumatic experiences to hopefully give other abuse survivors the strength and courage to tell their stories.

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