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March 31, 2021

Living This Life Outside of Your Comfort Zone | Kevin O’Connor

Living This Life Outside of Your Comfort Zone | Kevin O’Connor

Post pandemic pause, working from home, remotely and/or virtually, people are feeling the impacts of isolation. Is this true for you? Especially in terms of their personal life regardless of a successful professional life?
Why is this important?
Kevin O’Connor coaches from the heart with an emphasis on the practical, the tangible and the masculine.

Do you have a plan around balancing your Personal Happiness with as much attention as you give to your Professional Progress?  

Relationship Guide and Dating Wiz, Kevin O’Connor joins me in conversation around a conscious journey into relationships.  Kevin is an intuitive, connected, powerful and masculine life coach helping people to be a better version of themselves and have a happier and more fulfilled life.

Bullet Points

  • When making connections online how to check you are not just a time filler!  Here’s how ?  
  • Do you know the pattern of a serial dater?  
  • Why do men and women looking for partners outside of their age range? 
  • Learn more about imprinting of preferences, sensual expression, and sexual attraction

Knowledge Bomb

  • Dating apps are just databases. Just human databases
  • Are you an Alpha Feminine Woman? Check out the Online Dating Recipe. See link below. 

About the Guest

  • Kevin O’Connor of Practical Masculinity offers workshops and coaching services.
  • Instagram: coachkevoc
  • www.practicalmasculinity.net
  • Your invitation to: 

The Online Dating Recipe a 4 week program for powerful women on how to succeed in online dating. https://www.practicalmasculinity.net?aff=3

About the Show 

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