Oct. 22, 2020

Intuitive Intelligence | Rachel Wotten

Intuitive Intelligence | Rachel Wotten

My featured Guest is Rachel Wotton, a Next Generation Spiritual Leader. She’s a Spiritual Business Strategist, Coach, qualified Energy Healer, acclaimed Trainer of Seekers and Sages. Plus she’s Published Author with a discount offer below.
Join me as Rachel shares her conscious journey. Listen as we share our experiences around intuition and our career paths.
It's a tremendous opportunity for you to share this time with leader who's journey shows us an avenue towards empowering an awakened life, living with purpose and heeding intuition. What's cooler than hearing about how she’s thinks about life & leadership in the context of being a spiritual leader?

I believe in creating community, connections, and creating space to be curious.

Here’s the WHO, WHAT & Why of this episode[Michelle St Jane  2:03]

●     Who: My featured Guest is Rachel Wotton, a Next Generation Spiritual Leader. She’s a Spiritual Business Strategist, Coach, qualified Energy Healer, acclaimed Trainer of Seekers and Sages. Plus she’s Published Author with a discount offer below.  

Join me as Rachel shares her conscious journey.  Listen as we share our experiences around intuition and our career paths. 

●     What: Rachel & I have a rich, engaging conversation about all the awesome things she’s up to, as well as her leadership philosophies, wins and lessons learned, and as a spiritual coach.  

●     Why: It's a tremendous opportunity for you to share this time with leader whos’ journey shows us an avenue towards empowering an awakened life, living with purpose and heeding intuition. What's cooler than hearing about how she’s thinks about life & leadership in the context of being a spiritual leader?

Bullet Points

Tap into your intuitive nature and integrate it into your daily life. 

  • How does intuition fall into this? [Rachel Wotten  6:41]
  • Highlights of Rachel’s Journey [Rachel Wotten  4:13 – 6:07]
  • 1 night in a camp under Pol Pot’s reign [Rachel Wotten  7:16]
  • Your ‘spidey’ sense how to be in the right place or not to be in the wrong place … [Rachel Wotten  7:33]
  • Incorporating and trusting the voice within [Rachel Wotten  7:56]

What have global leaders said about intuition [Rachel Wotten  10:40 – 14:00]

Knowledge Bomb

“Leaders, take tech founders and especially data or analytics gurus, … the best in the world …  would always say that they would go to the data but would trust  intuition over the data …  “  [Rachel Wotten  10:40]

“Intuition is seeing and feeling and knowing the unseen.” [Rachel Wotten  30:35] 

Mentions Rachel Wotten’s Gift 

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About the Featured Guest:  Rachel Wotten, a Spiritual Business Strategist, Coach, qualified Energy Healer, acclaimed Trainer and Published Author.

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Michelle St Jane  0:01  

Welcome to Life and Leadership. I believe in creating community and creating space to be curious. This podcast aims to take you on a conscious journey to quality, diverse, innovative content in a conversation. My hope is that we create a circle of influence, a transcendent set of compassionate leadership in the world and the Universe.


Let's tap into your intuitive nature and integrate it into your daily life. Welcome to my podcast, Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey. This is a weekly podcast for global leadership and reemerging leadership.  A unique destination for conversation around less discusses topics. Learning about leadership, conscious stewardship, and legacy. My name is Michelle St Jane and I'm your host. Michelle St Jane  0:59  

I have the vision to create a circle of influence transiency of leadership for the world and outer space. I’m creating an innovative podcast with content that channels knowledge, experience, and wisdom into creating quality, visionary, virtuous leadership living at their Zenith. 


Here's the who, what, and why of this episode. 

My featured guest is Rachel Wotten. A next-generation spiritual leader with a conscious journey to share around intuition. And myself a re-emerging leader with four careers behind me: covering law, philanthropy, and mentoring visionary leaders. 


I believe in creating community, connections, and creating space to be curious. 

So what's this episode about? 

Rachel and I have a rich, engaging conversation about all the awesome things she's up to, as well as her leadership, philosophies, wins, and lessons learned as a spiritual coach.


Why listen?  It's a tremendous opportunity for you to share this time with a leader whose journey shows us an avenue towards empowering an Awakened Life, living with purpose, and hearing intuition. What’s cooler than hearing about how she thinks about life and leadership in the context of being and becoming a spiritual leader. 


Rachel has a gift for the listeners. She has a link to her book is “Intuitive Intelligence.” Go to her website, www.rachelwotton.com. You can buy her book with 10% off and free posted using the code MSJ10. Listen to how Rachel seamlessly transitions between her military career, thought leadership practice, and spiritual practice. Tap into your intuitive nature and integrate it into your daily life.


Rachel Wotten is one of my favorite pioneers. She has transitioned through different career options and really excites me with how she lives her purpose:

by empowering and awakening, a life lived with purpose and intuition.” 

Rachel Wotten, could you please share about your life and leadership, please?

Rachel Wotten  3:27  

Michelle, first of all, thank you for having me. I’m really, really grateful. Yes, I can take you through that little bit of a journey. I left home when I, when I was quite young.  We lived in caravan parks pretty much our whole life. Trailer trash is the word that would have been used in the US, I think. But it was a carefree life. And I left home quite early. And it's that Gypsy, nomad that I suspect as being part of my living and upbringing. 


After I left home I moved into a girl’s hostel and then just started working at a very young age. And about as young as I could remember, from about the age of 12, I knew I wanted to join the army. I had this passion for the military. So I did. 


At the age of 18 I joined the army and started on the road to become a chef and apprentice. So that I could finish my trade papers. I started off in the army as a cook for the first couple of years. Then I moved from the army to what's called a recruit instructor. That's taking civilians and turning them into soldiers. I taught weapon handling and first aid and was a drill sergeant. You name it, I did it. 


It was awesome, taking those little weeny people straight off the couch from school kids, and then turning them into courageous, brave, incredible soldiers.  Who would end up on the front line.  So really, really rewarding. I did that for 10 years. I went to the rank of sergeant.


I had this desire that it was time to leave and go into the real world. Which was a surprise to most people, because I was pretty full on and pretty military orientated. I did I leave at my 10 year mark and went to it into the tech sector.


I played around a little bit first, of course. Did a bit of traveling. Then went into the tech sector and started working with some of the big companies such as, Sun Microsystems, which then got bought out by Google.  Then IBM, and then HP. 


Now I work on my own. But in between that time, I started dabbling in holistic therapies. I started really getting into massage and reflexology. I really wanted to do energetic healing way back then. But I felt it was a little bit too woowoo. 


Reflexology, I love how the body can respond to different points within the feet.  Which are the meridian points. Well known Chinese acupressure points which have been around for centuries. So did that for quite a few years, then incorporated energy healing and Reiki in amongst the reflexology and have sort of stuck with more the energy healing ever since. Although I still get the urge to touch someone's foot and know that that reflects to their liver, kidneys, spleen, whatever, needs the cleanse.


So how does intuition fall into all of this? Now you may be asking about that. Well, I've always used my intuition.  Especially when I left home really, really young. I had to only survive by myself. I lived in a girl’s hostel in that period when I moved out of the caravan park.


I'd ride my bike to work every morning at 3am. Really just having that being on your own and having to survive, I think you're tapping into something greater. I think you tap into a knowing voice, hearing something, something greater.  And that sort of started way back then. 


Then I used it in the military. I was sent across with the fifth Aviation Regiment over to Cambodia to work with the Cambodian refugees at the end of Pol Pot reign. Which was just horrific and seeing what Pol Pot had done. 


There was one night in the camp, I heeded my intuition to go to a different area then gunfire started raining down into the camp. In the military, they call that “spidey sense.” It's that well known Sixth Sense. Just knowing not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or knowing not to be in the wrong place, at the right time. 


So having used it within the military, and then even when I got out again. I used it all through my corporate career.  I think that's why I was so successful. It's not the only reason because it definitely involved hard work and everything else that goes along with that, as well as knowledge. It's sort of like a two-way street. But it's really incorporating and trusting that voice within and being really creative with that voice within. Well, some people say it's a voice. So yes, so I use that right throughout my corporate career. 


Well, about a year before leaving HP, I just had that feeling that I wanted to write a book about intuition. And that's when I started writing “Intuitive Intelligence.” Just remembering back all the times that I used it, and then asking others, you know, do they believe in intuitive intelligence.


I selected many different types of influential people to contribute to the book. People like CIO, CEOs, founding entrepreneurs, ministers, government officials, you name it. I tried to just get a variety of people to contribute to how they used intuition or even if they believe in intuition. And that's the result of “Intuitive Intelligence,” the book that I wrote. So that was finished that about three years ago now. 


I'm on to the second stage of that, as we speak, moving into a different arena.  But a deeper level of intelligence at this point. Now I work with coaching. I use intuition in coaching all the time. I use that knowing, are you sensing. I use patterns. I also use traditional practices that we get taught within our coaching techniques. I also still do energetic healing, Reiki, reflexology, and more spiritual healing as well now. So that's it in a nutshell.

Michelle St Jane  10:04  

I'm really curious. I remember when you were interviewing senior leadership for your book.  At that time I thought your book was right on point. I'm a big believer in intuition and have been a beneficiary of your intuitive sensing, last year too. When you were doing the research for your book: 

What were these leaders telling you? 

What was the most surprising? 

What was the least expected that came out of your research there?

Rachel Wotten  10:40  

I think the most surprising was, I always knew. But I like to have people verbally say it was really, really cool. 

I think the most surprising was that I have these tech founders, right? Because the minute you think of a tech founder, and especially data or analytics gurus, we're talking to, and I'm talking the best of the best in the world here. In massive high net worth companies, that they would always say that they would go to the data and run everything on data. But ultimately, in the end, it was the intuition they would trust over the data. That surprised me. And the reason it surprised me is because I thought that they would always go with the data. Now, most times the data sometimes backed up what they said anyway, or what they felt anyway, so it was like working cohesion with it. 

But what if the data didn't agree, they’d pick intuition, they still went with their intuition. An example of that is one of the founders I interviewed was Matthew Salisbury. He's an entrepreneur out of the US.  He runs a company called ntropy. A massive data company doing incredible things all around the world. Matthew has shared this in the book. He talks about how when he first starts his company ntropy, he started down the hall doing analytics for companies in certain verticals. Then one day Matthew had this feeling that he just knew he had to change, change tact. Matthew says in the book that he went to a couple of venture capitalists and said to them, “this is what I want to do. This is where we need to go.” And they all said to him, “No, you're making a mistake, that's the wrong way to go. You're not going to make money, you're not going to do this, you're not going to do that.” 

Matthew got his team together and even his team said to him, “No, I don't think it's the right decision you should do, you should stick to doing this, this and this.” Matthew went, “nah, I've got to do it, there's something inside of me is deeper than anything else, I've just got to follow it.” Today, it is the biggest moneymaker in his business. He went against everyone's advice and followed his intuition. Now, he's probably a rarity, which is probably why he's so successful. But that sort of shows just one example of many of what these tech gurus were saying. 


It wasn't just the tech gurus. I had leaders, and one of them in here is Vanessa Sorenson, she's the MD of Microsoft New Zealand. Vanessa said the same thing from a sales perspective. And now even as in this position, Vanessa said the same thing, and it's in the book as well. But that, you know, ultimately, she'll end up going with what her intuition said, regardless of what the data says, regardless of what others say. She still follows it, because it still works out to be correct. In the end, and sometimes it goes against what the data says, but she follows it. So yeah, so it's not just the tech, and it was across a range of industries. 


That was fascinating. So that was one that were two of the things that surprised me. The other thing that was really, really surprising is I never came across anyone who didn't have intuition. I asked loads of people, and a lot of them were confused about what is intuition? Or was it that fine line between intuition and knowledge that's can sometimes arise? But I didn't find anyone who said “No, I'd never get intuition.” Which is interesting. 


Now, there has to be people out there that don't get intuition. But every single person I asked and even going out to dinner at night with his friends and talking with people about what I was doing, they said Oh, yeah, I have. 


Everyone's got a story of when intuition serves them or when it saves them. And I've got that as a table in the book where it's got. We've all got the two types of intuition. There's intuition that serves you and saves you. And there's intuition that it's a safety mechanism. And then intuition, that is a success mechanism. There's a safety one you that's where you feel that something's really, really wrong, and a success, one where you feel that something is really, really right. So, you know, there's those two fine lines, but I never came across anyone who never had it. You never said that. I don't get intuition, no such thing. So yeah, so that was fascinating.

Michelle St Jane  14:51  

Is that a sign of the times do you think? I kind of wondered that because I have Welsh heritage. I'm often listening for the quietest voice, not the drama, the quietest inner voice. For the majority of my life, I've practice yoga, meditation, and prayer. I don't go with aha, which, frankly, is my ego, my strategy is to go with the quiet voice. And that’s what happened to me was I was doing my doctorate is in leadership. I had interviewed like the top 20% of global CEOs in the world looking for that fulcrum point, like balancing a child’s seesaw, between profit, people and planet. I was surprised at how passionate leaders were about people and the planet. But had to face the world from a “profit at any price” stance. This was a real eye-opener that there was this passion for people and the planet. But there's a strong. the public image presented of profit at any price.  A major misalignment. Intuition made it's present known very strongly in that project as it was being emanated by these leaders too. They didn't feel solid in being profit facing only. There was an incongruence that was quite distressing. 

Two major hurricanes hit my fieldwork site at the end of the research. So I paused and then added Nature to the fieldwork. That was definitely driven by intuition. For me, I just felt like this doctorate was an opportunity to speak truth to power. To allow Nature to speak truth to power. And nature spoke very loudly. My poor professor was quite stressed. I was fortunate, because she was a very courageous supervisor. 

Intuition has always featured front and center in my life.  I was delighted when you bought your book “Intuitive Intelligence” into the mainstream. Thank you for your service in that area.

Rachel Wotten  17:01  

I thank you, Michelle, for bringing that up. Because that's a really good point. You're spot on the money in the sense of how to access it or getting to know it, but especially for those who may not be like you who go to that still small voice or that inner voice or that quiet a voice, because that really is the key. The key to it is, and everyone spoke about this, is that it's about getting below the noise to that deeper level.  


The problem we all have is we have an inner critic. Or we have a mind that goes non-stop! Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. It's about trying to steal, even for a split second, time to try to let that information, that knowledge that’s somewhere in that field around us, or some way in something greater within us have time to come in to tell us or to advise us. 


You mentioned prayer and meditation and so forth. Everyone spoke about that. That is one of the keys, to be able to still that mind, to be able to go into those meditation states, to get to that place where during the day. You can hear that voice because you're calmer in your reactions. You're calmer within. You're more creative. Rather than in your head. You become a bit more heart and belly like. That's what I talked about in the book it is heart lead partnering with intuition. It is really opening the heart because it's the middle between intuition in the head. 


You're spot on the money with meditation and prayer. It gives you that time to still that outside world. 


The other thing that was fascinating, and a lot of people in the book said was, some of them were real Type A's.  They have a lot of difficulties praying or meditating. They'd rather stick a needle in their eye than sit quietly for five minutes, you know. What they found worked for them was that they had to find a pursuit or a hobby or an activity that gave them calmness. At the same time, it was a doing task. So pause, but it had to be a positive one. For example, some of them said:

  • swimming, you know, just being out in the ocean, or even in a pool, where there's water;
  • hiking in Mother Nature, because again, they were out with nature, but it took their minds away from work being with an environment that they loved and felt good with. 

They had to find activities, for some of them it was cooking. So they had to find an activity that wasn't sitting down. Some of the guys never meditated. But were really highly intuitive. They found that activity that brought their intuitive self into a sense of peace, so to speak.

Michelle St Jane  20:05  

Sometimes calling it meditation causes a major block. I think yoga was my secret path. Doing yoga helped me join my body and mind. Then go into a place of calm. That allowed me to be open to meditation. 


I spent decades thinking I was one of the worst meditators ever. Then somebody once said to me if I was willing to meditate, I had all the benefits of meditation. 

It wasn't all about sitting on a rock in a cave with the monks, for hours to get the benefits. It was just surrendering my will and being willing. 

So whether I manage 30 seconds or five minutes, although 15-20 minutes is my average. I had all the benefits. 

But yeah, for years, I didn't think I could meditate until someone said to me, as soon as you're willing, you've got the benefits. 


Prayer was the next path that led me into the calm. I really love the Serenity Prayer. The moment I say it, the energy changes. But it also helps me put the world around me in perspective. For example, the first line goes, “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” Literally, Rachel, I point my index finger outwards doing a 360 around me.  That being “Accept the thing I cannot change people, places and things.” And in the second line, “the courage to change what I can.” My finger is firmly pointed at myself! I focus on my attitudes, my behaviors, my thoughts, and feelings.   All of which I consider visitors and guests. I can welcome them and let them go on their way. Then I'm in my best self.  The last line “Grant me the courage to know the difference.

The second verse, which not many people say, is, “grant me the patience for the changes that take time.” “Appreciation for all that I have. Tolerance for those with different struggles and the strength to get up and try again.” 

That prayer for me, just changes everything. I'll put the Serenity Prayer in the show notes. Reinhold Niebuhr wrote it. That's the prayer I say when I open my eyes to start my day and when I closed my eyes at the end of the day. if I'm in the middle of a setting, which is getting wound up with negative energy, I say the Serenity Prayer because I have this itty bitty sh*tty committee. This committee quietens down when I pray. They quieten down when I meditate.   They quieten down when I do yoga. 

I love the fact that you’ve described people who realize if you go for a hike, it can be the equivalent of walking meditation. At the moment, I'm doing lots of daily walks on the beach and swimming in the ocean. And it's very meditative. But I'm careful not to think that because sometimes it's a game-changer. But yeah, meditation and prayer make a huge difference in my life. 

You mentioned. Your book “Intuitive Intelligence.” What are the next steps with the book? 

Rachel Wotten  23:06  

Well, I've put it out there to it published. Although it's very difficult because I've quoted a few other people. Such a long process. A lot of people have been buying it straight from my website.  


People just can't come and buy it off the website. Or give me a call and have a chat about it. Or just let the universe take it to where it needs to go. And it seems to be getting out there, actually, which is a good thing.

Michelle St Jane  23:57  

That's fabulous. You have literally gone from the military to thought leader to spiritual leader. And it appears like a seamless transition. Is that so? Or is this universe guided? 

Rachel Wotten  24:20  

I’m in the next very big transition phase right. I'm following, being guided by my intuition.  I'm delving deeper into the spiritual. Intuition sometimes is the first step into something bigger or greater. And it doesn't have to be like me where I'm moving down the spiritual path, but it can be that you start off with intuition. You might be in a job you dislike and it helps lead you down into something bigger like starting your own company or becoming the best CEO or whatever it happens to be.

Michelle St Jane  24:55  

Like becoming a podcaster.

Rachel Wotten  24:59  

You're getting incredible messages out to the world so it's amazing you know. 

It could be multiple things.  That means the more you trust your intuition, the more it trusts you, and the more it starts giving you. 

 I find it like a little child.  If you keep quieting it down and don't listen to it then it just closes down and it just doesn't talk too much. I'm not going to talk you're not going to listen to me. And I say it's like, it's just like any other human being, you won't have friends if you don't listen to them. They will not be your friends for very long. I treat my intuition like a little friend. I mean, that's a phase of transition, where I'm moving now. To more spiritual and just going those deeper levels.

Maybe it's for me, maybe it's for me to discover the unexplored World Within. You know, go deeper and deeper into that world and mystics and everything. Mystics and mysticism have always been a massive hobby of mine. 

Not that I'm saying, I am a mystic. I just love that whole concept. Who knows where it would take me? 

I'm just following the signposts in the guideposts of what feels right, right now. My next book won't ever leave intuition, because it's part of who we are. But, yeah, it'll, it'll be something deeper and greater.

Michelle St Jane  26:34  

Wow, that's a cliffhanger. We'll be looking forward to that. Your work is a priceless gift and your courage. I wonder if, like me, you're willing to walk where there are no paths to create the paths. I love that about you. I'm a big fan. 

Your company is called Aroha. And am I not mistaken that you're Australian? How do you link back into Maori traditions with such a beautiful name for your company? How did that come about?

Rachel Wotten  27:04  

Well, my husband's Maori. And he's one of the directors of the company. He's a shareholder as well. He and my son, he's half Maori half Pakeha. So that's how it all links in together. So my husband was the one who sat down and we went through the names, we used to be called Wonderful works. And then we changed the company name to Aroha.  

I feel that because I have a love for my husband and son. I believe authentic love comes from the heart. I think all the spiritual comes from the heart. I think that the depths of where we need to go to and who we need, or who we need to become or access or become greater comes from the heart. I did look at Love Inc. But I thought no that's a love company. So then, I have done quite a bit of work with Maori healers and with the Maori traditions. My husband knows Maori, I'm just starting to learn it all now.

Michelle St Jane  28:32  

Maori is such a beautiful language, it really is a beautiful language. Do share about the kinds of services that you do and that listeners might be interested in?

Rachel Wotten  28:50

I love all the work you're doing as well. And like you say that sometimes this road less trouble and with certain words, people assume certain dogmas or associations with them. Sometimes it is just getting out there and saying, well hang on a minute, let's review some of this stuff. You do some amazing stuff out there. You're doing incredible stuff especially with all your study and your doctorate.

Michelle St Jane  29:22  

I finished the doctorate in 2016. I was taking it into the thought leadership arena and planning to write the book. I've decided I'm going to podcast on all areas. The podcast started this month. I am putting out the most diverse topics I can around less discussed conversations. Because for me, what I learned with my global CEOs was the opportunity to have conversations, real conversations, on a variety of topics was a gift. I think for up and coming leaders, the next generation, that these interviews will be captured forever out there. I'm leaving a digital exhaust for the curious and those who want to be more connected. I'm a verbal processor. I'm very curious. I'm keeping my first three months of podcast topics really diverse. I'm very grateful you're here. Do you have any last words, Rachel?

Rachel Wotten  30:30  

Well, if anyone wants to know more, they can come to my website, which is www.rachelwotten.com. Come there for a look. We do coaching. We do energy healing. Lots of workshops. It's updated quite a bit. I wish everyone was just as curious as you and didn't shut down the minute they heard a word that they didn't like, and just stayed open to the possibilities of what life has to offer. And what this unseen is, call it seeing the unseen in the book, you know, intuition is seeing and feeling and knowing the unseen. There's knowing beyond knowing there's awareness beyond awareness is there sensing beyond sense, and we have this whole world out there that's in within us, that's there to show us that stuff. So be open to it and see if you can see the unseen feel unfelt because it might just change your life in ways, unexpected ways that are more positive and more amazing than what they are now. If I hadn't listened to my and I don't know where I'd be. I'm so grateful that I have because, again, it led me to the most amazing husband and son. I never thought I'd get married. Honestly, after seeing what those military boys were doing in their spare time, some of them not all of them. I swore I'd never get married and yet I opened up to the possibilities and intuition that led me to the most amazing husband and now son and so far so like you I just wish everyone had the attributes like you like that were just curious and would say if they shut down to the word God or spirit or Jesus or, or even anything, I find the other words most people shut down to not that I've talked about all that stuff, but I just find a lot of people shut down for stuff. They just stayed open to different things, then you never know where it might lead you.  

Michelle St Jane  32:36  

Rachel, you are amazing and a gift to the world. And it's such a privilege to talk to you. Thank you for being on the podcast.

Rachel Wotten  32:44  

Thank you, Michelle and you keep doing your critical stuff lives.

Michelle St Jane  32:51  

As a conscious steward of meaningful leadership in the world, and wider cosmos, I have a passion for service through sharing wisdom, dream, and hope. Thank you for the opportunity to foster open conversation, discussions, and an exchange of ideas that create understanding and connection among diverse groups. 

Your support is valued. Please subscribe, leave a review and a rating. 

More importantly, share with your connections. 

Thank you.

Reach out.  I am interested, do you have a topic you'd like to explore? It would be great to have your feedback.

Dr. Michelle St Jane

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