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Wendy Kendall

Chartered Psychologist

Wendy Kendall is a psychologist, author and founder of the behavioural science consultancy Globally Talented, which helps international companies to Strengthen the Psychological Health and Performance in their Leaders Deployed Abroad.

Oct. 8, 2020

Globally Talented | Wendy Kendall

Knowledge Bombs: - How can we help people and companies thrive together through global job moves? [Wendy Kendall 6:10] - virtual international assignments [Wendy Kendall 21:17] - virtual international working [Wendy Kendall 21:17] - climate change [Wendy Kendall 21:17] - ecological challenges [Wendy Kendall 21:17] - cross cultural coaching [Wendy Kendall 22:08 and 22:16] - internal family systems therapy [Wendy Kendall 22:34] - Building high performing leaders through glo…

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