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Rona Lewis

Co-Founder and CEO Playful Mind Project

As a former C-level advertising sales exec, Rona is a champion of the inner child! She is a play instigator and creativity coach, and Co-Founder of the Playful Mind Project. She loves to help change individuals as well as corporations to ignite ideas and explode productivity, and is a leading expert in employee engagement and improving company culture.
Rona doesn’t believe in work/life balance. Work is part of life! So how do you balance it all? It’s about taking time to make time work for you. And above all, having an attitude of play that makes life an adventure, not a drudgery.
As an expert, she’s been a guest on TV and radio shows from San Francisco to New York. Her articles have been featured in Corporate Wellness Magazine, Town and Country Magazine, New York’s Pierless Magazine and more.

Feb. 15, 2021

Dating with A ❤️ Playful Mind | Rona Lewis

A conversation around different dates – ranging from the most handsome guy and the boring date, the date with only 7 teeth, stinky athletes, the doctor date with Dyed Hair and those who lie about their age...

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