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Renee Kemp

International Journalist & Crisis Communicator

Renee Kemp is an Emmy Award-winning television journalist and PBS radio talk show host in the San Francisco Bay area. She has been one of the is one of the freshest voices inquiring into the most difficult topics during her career. Renee’s focus over her 20+ year career has been producing and reporting on international issues with special focus on Africa.
Renee served as General Manager of Bermuda’s first public television outlet at the request of the Island’s Premier. She currently acts as fill-in host for “Your Call” on San Francisco PBS radio station KALW.
Her non-journalistic endeavors include providing media literacy training to corporate executives and first responders. Renee teaches courses in Crisis Communication at California Polytechnic Institute.

Jan. 21, 2021

International Journalist to Crisis Communicator | Renee Kemp

I did a lot of stories out of Africa. that changed how I look at myself, as a person who has one foot down, in Africa, where everything started, we're all mankind's, you know, originated, and then in this extraordinary place, called America. Where it's the land of opportunity. But it has been instructive to get to see up close and firsthand and talk to Africans all over that continent, South Western, southern and western Africa. It's been a real journey. And it has enhanced my ability as a jou…

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