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Ralph Richardson

Co-owner & President Winsome Tours and Consulting Limited

Has a wide variety of experience from a broad array of occupations and studies. Is now focusing on role as Co-Owner/President of Winsome Tours and Consulting Limited. Currently consulting at Bermuda College Foundation as Acting Executive Director
Retired as Executive Director of ACE Foundation Bermuda 2010
Is Past Commodore of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (2008 - 2009)
Served as Claims Adjuster then Manager Personal Lines BF&M Ltd.
Deputy Chairman of the Board, then full time Executive Director BUEI
Was Operations Manager and Chief Pilot with Enterprise Submarine with 700 hours underwater as Pilot and Trainer.
Author, The Bermuda Boater, a local navigation and marine piloting text book, third edition published in 2016. Is a former adjunct at the Bermuda College, Royal Yachting Association Navigation Courses as well as Bermuda Navigation courses, based on his text book, the Bermuda Boater, a local best seller.
He especially enjoys public speaking, having given several keynote addresses including a presentation at the International Young Entrepreneurs Conference in Brazil (2006) and a 2014 keynote address at the international Captive Insurance Conference held in Bermuda in 2014 and the Bermuda College PACE Graduation.
Received a Master of Science Degree, International Management, University of Liverpool.

Nov. 5, 2020

Leadership Influencer of the Sea Education, Science, and Technology | Ralph Richardson

Ralph Richardson Leadership Influencer of the Sea, Education, Science, and Technology. Ralph’s journey shows how to pause and progress during pivotable times: • Last century taking technical training and exploring the ocean; [Ralph Richardson 2:36-5:15] • Nautical History [Ralph Richardson 5:16-13:30] o January 2008 Ralph Richardson – 1st Non white commodore of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. [Ralph Richardson 12:18] • At the turn of the century moved out of technical into management of…

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