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Paul Quaiser

Principal Consultant with the Human Sustainability Institute and Atlas Noosphere Center.

An analytical, outcome-focused and visionary leader with extensive experience as an Integral Systems Solutions Architect, forming and implementing strategic plans and initiatives that support sustainability/regeneration, innovation, culture development and community. A unique cross-disciplinary background comprised of harvesting executive leadership, innovation, project management, emerging technology, physics and human factors to develop revolutionary business, ecological, economic and social systems.
An influential and empathetic professional who builds and maintains effective relationships with employees, partners, stakeholders and members of government. As an International Consultant and Advisor, he works to manifest and implement Lighthouse Projects that guide and catalyze systemic change toward the noosphere - the highest level of biospheric design in harmony with natural life support systems and human potential.

April 20, 2022

Binge on BEST of Environmental 🌎 Stewards 🟢 Episodes

Join me and my favorite Environmental Stewards taking global action! Let’s invest to protect and regenerate our 🌍 planet, accelerate solutions, and activate everyone: ✔️ governments 🟢Let’s catalyze State engagement in sustainability and systemic change 🙌🏽 Humanity from the ground up 🟢Let’s invest providing a seat at the table and a gathering place and community visibility. 🤝 businesses from the top down 🟢Let’s invest in demonstrable smart, conscious, purposeful capital evidenced…

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May 19, 2021

Fulcrum Points, Biomimicry, Resiliency and Frontier Technologies | Paul Quaiser

Dedicated in remembrance of the contributions made by Chilean biologist and philosopher Humberto Maturana (1928–2021). Paul Quaiser and I discuss the possibly of a world that balances the sacred $ market with the social and environmental needs in ways that benefits human and non-human flourishing as much as the bottom line.

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Sept. 17, 2020

Designed Evolution & Building the Noosphere for Humanity | Paul Quaiser

Let’s talk about Designed Evolution & Building the Noosphere for Humanity with featured guest Paul Quaiser. He is the Principal Consultant with the Human Sustainability Institute and Atlas Noosphere Center. Listen now to learn about … ● Noosphere for Humanity [Timestamp 1:02-1:25] ● Smart Cities [Timestamp 32:04] & Forest Cities [Timestamp 32:27] ● Sea-Steading Demonstration sites for Frontier technologies from energy production [Timestamp 33:14] ● Astro ports [Timestamp 33:35],Dar…

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