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Michele Christensen

Relationship & Sex Coach for Powerful Women & Their Partners

Michele Christensen’s In Love for Good system for creating the love & sex you want in the relationship you already have is making her the not-so-secret weapon of thousands of powerful women leaders and their partners. She shows couples how to create lifelong passion and a legacy love that outlasts them both.
Since 1997, Michele has been the go-to mentor for married leaders who want closeness, passion, and great communication for life. Michele works with executives, professionals, and business owners who refuse to settle for lukewarm love and understand that the love of their dreams is actually an attainable, worthwhile, and life-transforming goal.
Her signature systems are built around operationalizing the best research-driven relationship tools, brain science, and spiritual practices in her client’s daily lives, so their emotional and erotic connection are as high-performing as their fitness, their financial portfolios, and their careers.
She’s on a mission to help spouses stop quietly coping with feeling like roommates or trying to change their partners when they’re hungry for more in their relationship… and to replace those approaches with an impeccably self-responsible erotic intelligence that creates ongoing aliveness for both spouses.
Michele is the specialist in concrete, actionable relationship technologies that get fast, fun, and deeply pleasurable results for conscious couples.

Dec. 10, 2020

Sex, Love and Power | Michele Lisenbury Christensen

I believe the narrative is collapsing around Sex, love, power. Traditional acceptance today of the relationship contract whereby a man's possessions and protection are exchanged for a woman's fertility and fidelity does not seem to be work. Yet love remains central in our lives – consciously or subconsciously… Pandemic pauses aside, escape fantasies are normal. Is this is a hot topic for you – if so listen to a very rich conversation with Michele Lisenbury Christen. Knowledge Bombs: ● Ce…

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