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Lani’s journey to becoming a coach and counsellor has been life-long. Being a mother of six children comes with building tried and true skills which have been developed in a very diverse environment. As a Sophrologist and Cognitive Behaviour Life Coach Lani combines these methods to help clients develop healthy relationships with themselves and others. Her company, Sophro Solace, specialises in helping groups and individuals set objectives, alter behaviours, and accomplish goals. This starts with the practice of Sophrology which aims to empower individuals through authentic awareness and curious contemplation.

March 13, 2022

Sophrology: A Journey of Conscious ☯️ Harmony

How do people reach a 🕊️sophronic state of consciousness? 🕊️ This is an illumination from inside where people realize empowerment and responsibility for their own emotions, actions, and general wellbeing. ☮️Growth Mindset ☮️ Creativity ☮️ Innovation ☮️ Adaptability ☮️ Collaboration ☮️ Social skills ☮️ Communication ☮️ Flexibility ☮️

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