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Kate Hames

actor, singer, vlogger, podcaster and writer

Kate Hames is an actor, singer, vlogger, podcaster and writer. She is also a rape survivor who uses her traumatic experiences to hopefully give other abuse survivors the strength and courage to tell their stories.

Feb. 18, 2021

Online Dating: The Deep Dive, Hazards, and Risks | Kate Hames

Online Dating Risks ○ Technology and Privacy (timestamp 2:18) ○ Time and the Economic (timestamp 3:55) ○ Physical Harm (timestamp 6:37) ○ Romance Scams (timestamp 19:08 & 22:49) ○ Sexually Explicit Messages or Images AKA Dick Picks (timestamp 19:32) ○ Harassment (timestamp 20:21) ○ Security, Societal Expectations, and the Professionalize Wife Cycle (timestamp 23:28)

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