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Karen Grace

grandmother and a baby boomer

Karen, is somebody who is well versed with experiences in equality, women's access to upward mobility and respect in the world. The mantra by International Women's Day is called a challenge world as an alert world and my conversation with Karen will definitely call out the issues. Imagine, “one of the most courageous act is to think about yourself out loud” as Coco Channel once said.

March 8, 2021

International Women's Day 2022 | Katarina Hoskins, Jonathan Reiss, Felicia Rickards, Jannat Maqbool, Lorene Phillips, Pearline McIntosh, Karen Grace

There is an evolutionary purpose for women to dream it and do it. That is intergenerational wisdom transference. Making visible the presence of diverse intergenerational collaborations provides examples of hope that we can break the bias. This demonstrates how experience turns into knowledge that can be transferred down through the generations as gained wisdom. ● Breaking the Bias/hold one another high and normalize conversation. ● Something unexpected ● Tapestry of Grandmother Inventors …

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