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Jerica Jech

❤️Queen Dating and love coach for midlife women

Jerica Jech is a dating and love coach for midlife women. She found herself suddenly single at 48. Through a process that she now teaches, she was able to heal from her divorce, recover her confidence, learn about men and find love again - she got engaged just 2 years after divorce - yes, through online dating! She helps other women do the same in her signature program, Start Your Forever Relationship Right.

Feb. 13, 2021

Suddenly Single in her 40s, Now engaged at ❤️50! | Jerica Jech

Balancing a career you love, remaining socially open and relationship friendly can be an opportunity for consciously stewarding the chanciness of love and facilitating your need for connectedness. As St Augustine once said, “the measure of love is to love without measure.” Join me in a conversation with @Jerica Jech about mid-life online dating. Jerica, suddenly divorced in her 40s is, thanks to online dating, happily engaged in her 50s! Will personal contact and physical experience beco…

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