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Geneviève Pépin

Mindset & Productivity Coach

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Geneviève is an accredited life coach (IAPC&M), certified mindset specialist, productivity and leadership development coach (Fortune 500 companies), and improv facilitator.
She is passionate about helping stressed out entrepreneurs and leaders go from busy & stressed to happy & productive, as a result of her own journey in the professional world.
Before coaching, Geneviève built her career internationally in event management and marketing, living, working, and traveling in more than 20 countries, in four different languages.

April 6, 2022

Trade Busy & Stressed to Happy & Productive Sustainably!

Dog 🐾parent, Geneviève Pépin is 🚀helping high achievers go from "busy & stressed" to "happy & productive." Learn more about: 💥Growth Mindset 💥 Creativity 💥 Innovation 💥 Adaptability 💥 Facing uncertainty 💥 Collaboration 💥 Social skills 💥 Communication 💥 Flexibility 💥

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