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Erin Riley

Creator - Strategist - Educator

Executive Producer for Eyes on the Sky, a transmedia story world project.
She is the inaugural Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Moody College. She is an innovator, director, founder, educator, strategist with 20 years of experience inventing new approaches, products, services and experiences. She is founder of ReillyWorks, LLC helping others to understand and strategize about storytelling, engagement, play and learning through emergent technology.

May 5, 2021

Eyes on the Sky: A Transmedia Story World Project | Dr. Moriba Jah, Erin Riley, Sven Ortel, Dr. Lucy Atkinson & Kyle Schonefield

Are YOU a #spaceHero #spaceEnvironmentalist #OuterSpaceAdvocate? Meet some likeminded people designing Eyes on the Sky A Transmedia story world project. Are you a #spaceHero Check out the Crowd Funding Call To Action!

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