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Darren Evans

Founder and CEO

CEO of After Cloud a digital life legacy and life enrichment award winning app! Known for producing solutions to Health and Social care providers for over 20 years, as well as leading the team that rolled out some of the early ‘joined up’ social prescribing projects now widely adopted internationally, Darren is passionate about using technology to make progressive change in society with a more joined up, interdisciplinary approach to the delivery of care, particularly Aged Care, Dementia and End of Life services.

Dec. 15, 2021

After Cloud 🌤️ Creating a Digital Legacy | Darren Evans

Contributing to the next giant step in the relationship between humans with life limiting circumstances, legacy therapy and technology, lets exploring After Cloud. Join me in conversation with a social business that has created a free award-winning app bridging the digital 🌁 gap by: 💾 Capturing your digital memory, ⏳ Creating your digital timeline, ⛲ Life enrichment, 💓 Personalized digital legacy

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