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Aliya Danzeisen

National Coordinator at Islamic Women's Council of New Zealand and Founder of WOWMA

Nominated in the category of public policy and advocacy as a New Zealand woman of influence in 2020. Aliya Danzeisen a leader for the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand for the Kiwi Muslim community.

March 17, 2021

Woman of Local and Global Influence | Aliya Danzeisen

Do you ever consider the adequacy, effectiveness, co-ordination and timeliness of information disclosure and sharing when it comes to protecting diverse and/or migrant communities facing race-related prejudice. Is your organization and leadership listening to the diverse communities that make up your teams and their experiences of racist intolerance? There was a defining point in New Zealand two years ago this week, while worshippers were at prayer, fifty people were killed and over fifty oth…

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