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May 19, 2021

Fulcrum Points, Biomimicry, Resiliency and Frontier Technologies | Paul Quaiser

Fulcrum Points, Biomimicry, Resiliency and Frontier Technologies | Paul Quaiser

Dedicated in remembrance of the contributions made by Chilean biologist and philosopher Humberto Maturana (1928–2021).
Paul Quaiser and I discuss the possibly of a world that balances the sacred $ market with the social and environmental needs in ways that benefits human and non-human flourishing as much as the bottom line.

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My favorite people are innovative leaders and #vividVisionaries. Let’s talk about fulcrum points, biomimicry, resiliency, and frontier technologies with featured guest Paul Quaiser.   

Listen now to thoughts around ‘how to change humanity's trajectory.’  One strategy is what Buckminster fuller refers to as leveraging fulcrum points or trim tabs.  Are you considering these questions:

  • How to create systems that are symbiotic within the larger ecosystem?
  • Why biomimicry is so valuable?
  • How value exchange is going to be evolving across humanity?


About the Guest

Paul Quaiser
consults, advises, and coaches a broad range of change-makers, working toward the implementation of resilient and regenerative communities. 

About the Show 

Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journeywith Michelle St Jane

A podcast for Global and Re-Emerging Leadership creating community/tribe, a circle of influence, transcendency of compassionate leadership in the world and wider universe. A unique destination for learning about Leadership + Conscious Stewardship + Legacy.

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